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October 27, 2017 3 min read

Arguably, one of the best sexual experiences anybody can possibly have is also one of the most basic, an orgasm. Famous sex psychologist Alfred Kinsey defined an orgasm as the peak of sexual arousal, and can be experienced through a variety of mental and physical stimulation, whether on your own or with a partner ("Kinsey Confidential » Sexual Pleasure and Orgasm", 2017). With a definition like this, does this mean that everyone’s experiences of orgasms are the same? Not quite. While stimulating the proper zones is an important factor in orgasms, an equally important factor in achieving that boom at the end of your adventure is your experience. How you see things, what you feel, and what you think of during the experience all factor into being able to reach that peak that almost everybody wants to get to ("Kinsey Confidential » Sexual Pleasure and Orgasm", 2017). When it comes to experiences, one of the ways you can find newer and more exciting ways to increase the frequency and intensity of your orgasms is through sex toys. Today, we tell you a little bit more about how you can use sex toys to enhance your orgasmic experience.



When it comes to the ladies, sex toys can be particularly helpful for obtaining or at least increasing the chances of being able to achieve an orgasm. Statistics show that only 25% of women having sex are consistently able to achieve an orgasm every time they have sex with their partner. No matter how long or how intense the session seems to be, many women claim that they can never seem to consistently achieve an orgasm whenever they have sex (Castleman, 2010). Introducing a sex toy in the bedroom with your partner not only gives you both a new bonding experience, but also gives you a chance to let you get to know yourself, and the best way you can achieve an orgasm. Lauren Napolitano, a licensed Psychologist and author of books dealing with sex and marriage, says that because sex toys are specifically designed to help people get off, playing around with them in a bedroom could actually help a couple achieve orgasms more, and helps them get to know more about what gets the other off (Morris, 2014). For women, introducing sex toys into the bedroom might be able to increase that 25% statistic to 100%.


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However, don’t think it’s just the women whose orgasms would benefit from sex toys. Men who use sex toys can also benefit from them by having longer and more intense orgasms, as well as a few other health benefits. Cock rings, for example, can help delay a guy’s climax, which results in a longer and fuller erection. This allows guys to get a more intense feeling when they finally reach their peak. Sex toys can also help guys explore their prostate which spurs an intense feeling during orgasm (Buchanan, 2017). So, guys, while you think you’re already having great orgasms, give a sex toy a try. It’ll definitely make them better.


Orgasms are always seen as one of the most sexual experiences anyone can ever have. Whether you’re getting it on with a partner or enjoying some self-love, using sex toys to enhance your orgasmic experience is something people should definitely try out. After all, how can anyone say no to mind-blowing orgasms?




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By: AJ Lim

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