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Sex Furniture

Some people might say you just need a bed, while others can make do with any surface that allows their bodies to align with their partner's. But if you want to get really comfortable and to try all the different positions you've been fantasizing about, then it's time to invest in sex furniture! As the premier destination for adult toys and sex accessories in the Philippines, ilya is a one-stop shop for everything you need to make sex feel better and more fun. If you've already treated yourself to toys and lubricants, take the next step and make your bedroom more conducive for your activities.
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Whether you saw it in porn, a magazine, or the Kama Sutra, a new sex position is a great way to introduce fun and variety in your intimate time with a partner. However, if you find yourself straining your back muscles instead of enjoying the new angles, it may mean that you need better support for your sexual calisthenics.

Having sex furniture can help you get into a better position for comfortable and muscle ache-free sex. Even if you and your partner just typically employ the usual missionary and doggy styles, the high-density foam that makes up these accessories can give you better stability and position your body for better penetration. Wedge shapes are especially popular as they can lift your hips and help you to keep them upright while your partner rides hard or when your knees start to quiver.

Sex furniture can look like a normal pillow in your bedroom so you don't have to worry about hiding them when you have guests over. The only giveaway is the hooks and rings attachments, which are designed for attaching cuffs and other BDSM accessories. Best of all, these props are machine washable so you don't have to worry about cleaning up after getting down and dirty.

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