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Sliquid Products

Know what feels better than sex? Smooth, silky, and slides-right-into-place sex. No matter how you or your partner are, a little bit of lube can completely transform your experience. And with Sliquid's line of natural personal lubricants, you can be sure that what makes your body feel good is completely safe for it, too! As a proudly sex-positive adult toy store in the Philippines, ilya's objective is to help you maximize your pleasure. Sex with a partner and sex toys are both more fun when lubricant is involved, and you can't go wrong with the selection we have from Sliquid. We even have options to help you clean up after.
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Nothing kills the mood more than feeling pain when you should feel pleasure. That can easily be the case when vaginal dryness is an issue or the rectum isn't properly primed for anal sex. Lubricant is an easy fix for both as this it restores moisture to the area. And even if you don't have any problems with being wet enough, you can still enjoy using lube as it brings a smoother feel to thrusting, fingering, or even non-penetrative vibrations.

The Sliquid brand goes even further by creating water-based and silicone-based lubricants using only the safest ingredients. Their vegan formulas steer clear of glycerin, parabens, and sulfates to minimize irritation and health risks for their customers. In this way, you can fully immerse yourself in the pleasures of sex without worrying about getting a bad reaction from your lubricant.

Sliquid feels just like the body's natural lubrication, with a tad bit more slip and different flavors available. Stock a few so you can make going down on your partner a more tasty treat or add hot/cold sensations to your erogenous zones. When you're slick and spent from your sesh, you can also use Sliquid's intimate cleanser to gently wash away any residue.
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