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System Jo Products

Splish and splash with the Philippines’ leading source for sex toys, sex accessories, and sex positivity! ilya is proud to introduce System Jo, your new favorite buddy to make a splash into the bedroom with! With System Jo’s extensive line of lubricants in different flavors, textures, and scents, you can bet you’ll be ready for absolutely anything that requires getting more than a little bit wet— and if you’re already soaked, it never hurts to have Jo come in and help you swim in some fun, exciting, and body-safe H2O for your bits!
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Interestingly enough, System Jo finds its roots in the gynecology field: Starting out as JO PREMIUM, a private label endeavor for a group of gynecologists. The brand System Jo itself was founded in 2003, with the goal of providing a “System” of trusted intimate products for the average “Jo(e)”.

Under System Jo’s belt are a variety of intimate products, namely: personal lubricants, stimulants, supplements, hygiene, massage oils, and more. Their focus is providing these intimate items to help users experiment and explore— all in an educational and safe space, too! With their satisfaction guarantee, System Jo aims to help users find the right product for them!

To further help with exploration and experimentation, System Jo has created products that have various textures, flavors, scents, and effects, with some lubricants specialized for different uses: From warming and cooling lubes for both vaginal sex and anal play, to all-purpose lubes for general play, System Jo has everyone covered! Additionally, they’ve also created products for other bits of the body as well— a stimulant for the clitoris and a gel to titillate the nipples only being the beginning of how thorough System Jo is!

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