FAQs About Sex Toys on ilya

Can you help me pick an item / How do I know it’s the right toy for me?

Sometimes you just feel a spark. Or you can check out our Guides and Tips & Tricks tab for more information regarding choosing your toy. You can also ask for our assistance via the Contact Us page and simply select the subject “inquiries”. We will attend to your concerns ASAP; we can even set up a phone call if you want. Again, nothing to worry about as your secret is safe with us!

I’m looking at a particular toy in your store but I’d like to know more about it before I decide, how do I do that?

Well other than consulting our good old friend, the internet, you can also ask us directly and we’d be happy to help! Just go to the Contact Us page and leave a message discussing your concern under the tag "inquiries". We will get back to you as soon as we can.

I’m looking for a particular toy and it’s not in ilya *cry*.

We know the heartache you’re going through and the good news is... we can definitely help you with that! Just message us via the Contact Us, select the “inquiries” option then let us know which toy you are looking for. We will then assess and reply to try to resolve your concern as best we can. It will also help us a lot in our assessment if you could include in your message a bit about why you like that particular toy.

I really, really love ilya and would like to send them my hugs. Is that possible?

Of course! You can either express our love for each other publicly by tagging us on Facebook and Instagram or if you’re the more low-key type, you can definitely leave us a message in the Contact Us page under the "feedback" option.

I have a few suggestions, are you open to receiving feedback?

We want to give you the bestest, most intense, wildest, most unforgettable, earth-shattering, body-quivering customer experience ever so we are definitely all ears! Just leave us a message in the Contact Us page under the tag “feedback”.

How do I buy something from ilya? 

It’s a very streamlined process! Simply follow the following steps:

Since you’re already in our lovely website…

You have multiple options:

a. You can click on the drag your cursor over “TOYS” or “ESSENTIALS” in the header bar for a drop down menu for you to pick at.

b. You can also use the search option on the upper right hand corner of any of our pages.

c. Our categories can also be found in the middle portion of our home page, under the heading “bang for your buck” (or just click this one - it's a button!)

d. You can take our awesome interactive questionnaire, also found on our home page (please note that this is for fun only and is not meant to diagnose nor prescribe).

e. Browse through them pretty things. Once something catches your fancy, your eye, your fancy eye, or if you find what you’ve been looking for, do get to know them a little bit more by clicking and reading through the descriptions. Let the icons, the pretty icons guide you and just a little tip, please take note of their sizes (they matter in this case!).

If you like it, you should put a ring on it.

Really, if you like it, you should put a ring on it, seal the deal, sign on the dotted line, put your mark on it, own that $@^#!!!!!....by clicking "ADD TO CART".

Once you complete the checkout process, you will receive an e-mail confirmation and further pertinent details.

Do I need to create an account and log-in when purchasing? Why should I?

Weellll, you don’t really have to do that but by doing so, you won’t have to enter your details over and over and over again. You’ll also have a record of all your transactions. All for a smoother shopping experience!

What are the payment methods ilya accepts? I have some other concerns here!

We have a section on this - please head on over to Ordering Info.  

Can I cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel your order for Over-the-Counter (O.T.C.), Internet Transfer, and Cash-on-Deliver (C.O.D.), please contact us as soon as possible through our Contact Us portal, under the topic “ordering”. We will get back to you to confirm if the cancellation is successful. Unfortunately, for Credit Card and PayPal payments, once confirmed, we cannot cancel it anymore.

How do I use these promo/discount codes?

As you are redirected to the “Customer information” portion of the check-out, the right most portion of the page will have a “Discount” box where you can type your code.

I have shipping questions!

Fret not, please head on over to Ordering Info for information!

Do you ship internationally (outside the Philippines)?

Unfortunately, this is not something we offer at the moment. Though do stick around for further developments!

I have concerns on Returns and Exchange! Do these things have warranty?

Yes, yes! They're under warranty! Under the description of each product, the warranty is stated.

For returns and exchange, as well as warranty matters, please head on over to our Our Assurance section 

I want to be a partner blogger / social media poster / ilya website contributor / super partner - how do I do this?

We’re always on the look-out for like-minded people to work with. Please drop us a message through our Contact Us page and we’ll get back to you the soonest.

I want my privacy. I have my rights!

Definitely! We will never share or sell any of your contact information. Any and all details shared to is for the sole purpose of internally processing your order and to serve you our best. For an elaboration, please head on over to our Privacy Policy page.

keep 'em coming!