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Shop only from the world’s most recognized brands at ilya, the Philippines’ preferred destination for toys for intimate play. Our lovingly curated collection of the most trusted names in the sex toy industry is designed to deliver you peace of mind while also maximizing your pleasure. When you put your trust in the brands that we carry, you can be sure that the toys they make are made from the highest quality materials available, and are designed to last for many, many play sessions. Come and see the difference a well-crafted toy can make when you shop today at ilya!
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It goes without saying, but your choice of sex toy is a deeply personal one, so naturally, you’d want a toy that’s well-designed and lasts a long time. We understand that, which is why we partnered with some of the most widely recognized names in the sex toy industry. You can be sure that each piece is made under only the most stringent manufacturing conditions. Not only that, every toy we sell has been subjected to extensive quality testing and is designed to give you and your playmates many, many hours of fun.

While we encourage experimentation and actively enjoin our patrons to try out things that are new and different, when it comes to sex toys, you definitely want to go with something you know you can rely on. By selecting a toy from one of our trusted brands, you’ll be treating yourself to many hours of delight and new discoveries, whether you’re exploring on your own or playing with a partner. Just be sure to take care of your toy, and it’s sure to take care of you.

By the way, if you need a few hints on how to make the most of your time with our toys, we’d like to invite you to visit the guide section of our site. There, you’ll find useful tips on everything from toy maintenance and cleaning tips to guides on how to choose the right toy for you. And check back regularly for new content!
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