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ilya's story began in a, well, sex shop. One random visit turned into this grand and exciting idea of tackling the "unmentionables"...

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sex and sex toys!

We realized that these items do not necessarily have to be taboo, scary, or intimidating like how they are usually portrayed to be - in fact, there are a lot of products that focus on the good and fun stuff. So we got to thinking "What if... we create an awesome sex toy shop so that people won't be scared to try and explore."

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thus, ilya was born!

Basically, our goal is to make you come to terms with your curiosity by making everything and anything swallowable. This means that we promise quality products, good service, and most of all, that we will never be creepy about it... probably just a tad bit naughty!

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Through our painstaking research and in-depth immersion into the world of intimate items, we realized the great truth - that not all toys are created equal! Thus we, at ilya, have taken the initiative of sifting through the toys available to make sure that we deliver nothing but the softest... smoothest... longest... thickest... bestest. Our items are curated and each is checked for the following:

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user reviews and feedback

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reliability of brand

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if the product is innovative enough to encourage space exploration

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if design is on point

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quality and safety of materials

If you're looking for a toy and it so happens that it is not in our collection, feel free to drop us a line at our Contact Us page, under the topic "inquiries" we will try our darndest to research and study the product if it fits the above criteria. It would help if you can share with us what you like about the toy so we can assess properly.

ilya, the perfect balance of wit, humor, and maybe even a bit of geeky-ness, but always with a dash of sexy.

keep 'em coming!