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Get ready to have your every sexual wish granted with one of these wand vibrators from ilya, the Philippines’ preferred destination for sex toys and tools for sexual satisfaction. No need to go hunting for a phoenix feather or some mermaid hair to power these magical items! Just charge them up with the provided USB charger, and before you know it, you’ll be transported to a world of pleasure and bliss that you never knew existed before. These double as a massager too, so if you need to loosen up those tired muscles before you get down to business, you have everything you need right at hand.
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With these wands, you’ll never have to settle for simply rubbing your lamp, hoping some genie will show up to give you the satisfaction you’ve been craving. These toys are specially designed for both solo and partnered play and can vibrate at just the right frequency to make your every sexual desire a reality. And while they aren’t exactly designed for penetrative play, they do pair perfectly with most dildos, giving you the ability to choose how you want your next play session to go.

Best of all, this line of toys is designed to keep going for hours, even on a single charge, so you can be sure your wand vibe is going to last as long as you do. Use the low and slow settings for extended, sensual play, or turn up the juice and crank one out when you really need a release but are in the mood for a quickie. The options are endless with these magical bundles of sexual satisfaction.

So what are you waiting for? Come on! Try out one of these wand vibrators today, and soon, you’ll be floating away on a magic carpet ride of bliss.

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