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Butt Plugs

Give the backyard some attention every now and then with this collection of butt plugs! Brought to you by ilya, the Philippines’ most trusted sex toy shop and leading source of world-class adult toys and accessories for intimate play. Whether you’re a butt play pro or are just starting to poke around down there, we’ve got you covered. Always remember to start your anal play with some lube, for easy entry and smoother stimulation. Try an anal education set to start your butt play training then work your way up to larger designs or incorporate vibration for some next level anal stimulation. Your booty will be sure to love the attention!
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For the uninitiated, butt play might seem a little overwhelming, but trust us when we say it’s an experience unlike any other. Dudes will love that butt plugs can trigger new pleasures and prepare them for deeper anal penetration, while the ladies will be in for a surprise when they discover that it can make them feel fuller and tighter! Best of all, our plugs are great for both solo or partnered play while having sex or in tandem with other sex toys.

All of this is just another part of our personal, ongoing journey towards better self-awareness and improved self-care. Let this collection guide you to discovering new ways to get the pleasure you’ve been seeking. Curious about how to make the most of your first time in the butt? This collection includes a number of small, training plugs, to get you ready for more complex pieces. Looking to add to your extensive collection? We stock a number of butt plugs with the latest technology, including Wi-Fi connectivity! No matter your level of experience, ilya’s collection of toys for anal play will definitely have something that works for you and what you’ve got.

At ilya, we love big butts and we cannot lie!

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