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We've all been there. As fun and exciting as sex is, sometimes you need a little help to get in the mood and feel more fully aroused. Whether this is something that you've experienced or you're just looking for more toys and tricks to add to your nightstand, consider incorporating stimulants into your playtime. Stimulants make your pleasure points feel extra sensitive, so even doing the same old sex positions and routines can feel new and different. Of course, as a stockist of top-notch sex toys and accessories in the Philippines, ilya only carries hypo-allergenic and non-toxic formulas made from premium raw ingredients. Safety feels good!
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Are you looking to shake up your sexy times with something other than toys? Stimulants are just the thing you need to enhance pleasurable sensations, so it feels like sex just got dialed up to a higher, more intense level. It may sound too good to be true, but there's a science to it.

Arousal gels, drops, creams, and sprays use natural and mostly plant-derived ingredients to increase the blood flow to the area. Not only does this make you feel extra sensitive and extra good, but it also makes erections harder, vaginas wetter, and orgasms more explosive! How can you say no to that?

Additionally, plant extracts like cinnamon oil deliver a warming sensation that can really get your libido going, while menthol and peppermint make things deliciously icy. We even have gels with compounds like ginseng, ginkgo biloba, and niacin to help prolong erections so you can make those special moments last just a little longer.

Women can also enjoy liquid vibrators for easy hands-free and toy-free clitoral stimulation. And if you've ever wanted to know how squirting feels like, G-spot gels make this kind of climax easier to achieve! Are you ready to take sex to this level? 

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