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Fleshlight Sex Toys

Plunge deep, because as the leading adult store in the Philippines, ilya is happy to spread the word that Fleshlight is in the house! As one of the top brands manufacturing male sex toys, Fleshlight is famous for their masturbators and strokers, their sleeves a-plenty! They feature a wide variety of textures to tickle your fancy, training units to help boost your performance, and are made of a patented material made by Fleshlight that feels as skin-like as is possible. When it comes to knowing the ins and outs of what makes the penis-having people delighted, no other brand does it like Fleshlight!
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Fleshlight is a name famous in the adult toy industry, a veteran in creating male sex toys since 1998. Their focus is to create masturbators that stimulate the feel of intercourse, all while providing variety in the way they create their products so men can experiment.

One of the main ways they go about reaching the first goal is through the material used in their toys; Superskin, a patented material popularized by Fleshlight that mimics the feel of skin and is extremely soft. Every single Fleshlight toy is made using this material.

Along with material, they also aim for the second goal through the different textures used among their various products. An example of this is with their Stamina Training Units, of which they texture the inside of the toys in that line to be as similar as possible to that of the real thing. Each Fleshlight stroker is equipped with its own unique feel, ensuring that the different models provide their own thing to suit one’s needs— and to experiment!

Additionally, Fleshlight designs the entry points of their sleeves after various orifices on the human body; Most popularly, a vulva, an anus, and a pair of lips— Further adding immersion to their goal of stimulating intercourse.

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