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Clit Sucker / Air Pulse

This sucker definitely doesn’t suck! Try out one of the line of clit suckers designed with air pulse technology brought to you by ilya, the Philippines’ top source for premium sex toys! These special toys are sure to give you a thrill you never expected. While some vibrators are designed to directly stimulate the clit or G-spot, air pulse vibrators are specially engineered to use suction and air current to simulate the feeling of oral sex, but without direct contact! The result? An orgasm unlike any you will ever have, controlled completely by air flow. Orgasms are a breeze with these!
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Ramp up the suction to get to the mountaintop quickly, or slow it down and let your play session last as long as you like. The choices are endless, and with one of these babies, so are the orgasms.

Built using precision engineering and only the latest manufacturing technology, these one-of-a-kind sex toys deliver satisfaction unlike any other. By deploying lightly pressurized air and effectively reducing direct contact with the most sensitive spots, orgasms are more controlled and more sustained. At the same time, a reduced buzzing sensation and minimal vibrations mean that you won’t need to keep a tight grip on the toy and are less likely to experience hand fatigue. The result? Longer play sessions. Better, fuller, orgasms. Happier you.

Need even more tech in your life? Many of these air pulse vibrators come equipped with internet connectivity! Simply give a preferred partner access to the controls, and allow them to take over. Distance need not be an obstacle to sexual satisfaction, when you come prepared with some ingenuity, creativity, and a willingness to try something a little different.

Come see the difference that air makes today with one of these air pulse clit suckers from ilya!

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