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Orgie Products

Most people can expect to lube up naturally down there when they’re in the mood, but a little outside help never hurt anybody. As the primary purveyor of sex toys and accessories in the Philippines, we at ilya believe that good lube isn’t just a convenience; it’s entirely capable of creating a pleasurable experience in itself! This is the unique promise of Portuguese brand Orgie, which takes personal lubricants to the next level with a wide array of stimulatory intimate gels and creams. Whether you’re with a partner or getting ready for me-time, Orgie’s lubricants will do the very most to reduce pain and friction, heighten sensitivity, and even introduce new toe-curling sensations like warmth or tingling to every sexperience.
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Stop reaching for that old bottle of lotion you’ve been jacking off with since you were a teenager. There’s a host of reasons to treat yourself instead to some of Orgie’s quality personal lubricants instead. For one thing, they’re guaranteed to be body-safe, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic. For another thing, Orgie products don’t just assure you of a smooth glide. Many of them have been developed with additional pleasure-enhancing properties to ensure that your sexcapades take you all the way to heaven.

Among ilya’s bestsellers are the unique ""liquid vibrators"" from Orgie. These intimate gels use natural plant extracts to heighten your sensitivity and introduce warming and cooling sensations. The stimulants make sexual play feel a lot more intense and pleasurable, so erections are harder, vaginas are wetter, and orgasms are better!

Try the famous Hemp! Intense Orgasm, which contains hemp seed oil for a more electrifying effect, or the Sexy Vibe! Hot Liquid Vibrator to fan the flames of passion. It tastes like strawberry, too. Yum!

Alternatively, you can use the Time Lag Plus Delay Spray to temporarily reduce penis sensitivity and prolong intercourse, allowing you to enjoy all night long.

These products are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to unique products designed to blow your mind, so be sure to browse our selection of lubes and stimulants from Orgie!

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