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May 13, 2021 2 min read

With the Ferri vibrator, the Ugly Truth panty vibrator commotion won’t happen to you for sure (unless of course you want to *wink). This panty vibrator is controlled via an app, so only you and your partner(s) can control it.

The toy comes in bright pink color, which others might find off as it calls too much attention. Fret not, it's something meant to be worn privately so the color will mostly be seen by you. This panty vibrator comes with a magnetic vibe which clips on easily when you place the toy on your underwear. It can be a bit heavy so choose your underwear of choice wisely. Thongs are not recommended.

Just like other Lovense wifi-operated toys, you and your partner can customize vibration patterns for your delight. It has a dual vibration option and alternating vibration, which allows you to sensationalize your bean in more ways than you can imagine. You can save patterns created by you and your partner, allowing you to play with them at will. If you want to spice things up, you can wear Ferri all day, and let your partner give you an earth-shattering “surprise” anytime of the toy.

As to the noise level, it does make a tad bit of noise when you use it, but safe enough to pass off as a vibrating phone. If you are cubicles apart, no one would even know the vibrating sound is coming from you. Alternatively, you can lower your vibration setting to lower the setting.

In terms of comfort, the Ferri will make its presence known for sure. You can feel its weight on your underwear. BUT, there is no discomfort. It is quite ergonomic to the female anatomy that you can wear it while working, without feeling any discomfort.

Battery life lives up to as stated in the manual- you can use it for roughly 195 minutes, and it can be place on standby for another 100 hours.

Storage is quite easy Ferri comes with a black satin pouch, making it easy to keep in your drawer of gadgets or make-up.


by: a former skeptic! 

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