March 03, 2017 3 min read

There’s something to be said about things that just work. It’s a magic moment when something just clicks into place and that’s how I feel about the Lelo Ella. 


We absolutely love the magical lelo ella dildo sex toy


I’d been eyeing Lelo toys for a long, long time now. It’s one of the first manufacturers I’d heard of from a friend and it was the brand I kept going back to in my online searches. Reviewers across the internet have hailed Lelo for most of their products so I was waffling hard over which toy I should get and for the first year (yes, it to me a whole year to decide) of my decision making, it never crossed my mind to get the Ella. It was a dildo. It didn’t vibrate so I figured I could just skip ahead on that one.


Boy, was I wrong.


The Lelo Ella is made of 100% silicone and it’s ultra smooth to the touch. Its texture is fun to run across your skin (not just your vag! I mean everywhere!). It’s just pure pleasure and we haven’t even gotten to the fun part yet. Also, personally, I’m not a huge fan of realistic looking dildos so everything about the look and design of this toy calls to me. It’s a total of 7 inches and double ended so you have your choice of a more “traditional” penetration with the tapered tip or the curved flat end meant for g-spot stimulation. But its main draw and the reason I decided to forgo the other Lelo products is its near universal acclaim across reviewers. The Ella is responsible for many first time g-spot orgasms and the elusive female ejaculation. I was intrigued.


Sex toys can cause a lady to squirt. Our Lelo Ella Dildo made this lucky lady have that female ejaculation orgasm!


Most people apparently choose to use the tapered side on their first go at the Ella but I went straight for the flat tip and I must say:


You guys.


It is amazing.


Orgasms from the Lelo Ella dildo sex toy can be absolutely amazing


I’ve been ambivalent about penetration for a while but having this toy feels like homecoming. The Ella just fits and whether I’m thrusting or just rocking the toy, the phrase “throes of pleasure” comes to mind. Really. I have yet to experience the ever elusive g-spot orgasm but with the way this just fits and gives me joy, I don’t mind if it takes more than a couple of takes. Besides, the orgasms that come my way in the process? Grrreat.

I did have a slight mishap over the tapered end, which, as it turns out, my body is not a huge fan of. It’s a little too pointy for me so it wasn’t the same heaven as the flat side but really, that isn’t a deal breaker. If anything, I don’t use both sides in one session because that tends to get reallyslippery.

Squirting from dildo sex toys can make things get slippery from the female ejaculation orgasm.


And if I do absolutely have to say a few not so great things: the pouch it comes with tends to leave fuzzies on the toy when stored so washing becomes a bit more tedious, especially for the black toy.

But, honestly, my vagina is lonely without it.


So would I recommend this toy? Why, yes. 10/10, would do again.


By: Gaby Solo


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