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March 24, 2017 4 min read

Whether it’s a special occasion or just because, you’re looking for a gift for a friend. So you cruise on over to your friendly online sex toy shop. Now what?  Savvy shopper that you are, you’ve come to the correct place. I’ll navigate you through the different levels of wild that you and your friend have experienced.

Friendship Level:

Welcoming Them to the Wild

For a confluence of reasons, your friend is still largely inexperienced. You love them for it not despite. In this friendship you are the catalyst for change. Your friend is the good, sweet one but never judges you (too hard) about your crazy ways. They love hearing your stories of situations they would never dare to enter. Let’s change that.

For this friend, I recommend an entry level vibrator and insertible. It’s important the sex toy does not look scary or intimidating in anyway. Go for the cute and discreet looking ones, like the toys below. This’ll be a gift that they will be able to integrate with future toy purchases. Also, since you know they’re inexperienced, gift them with some lube too!


1. Iroha Minamo 

iroha minamo


2. Iroha Tori 

iroha tori clit  bullet vibrator


3. Lube!

sliquid Lube

Traipsing Through the Wild Together

There are very few things that you have done that they haven't and vise versa. Hell, you were together through most of it. You two haven’t done it all but you’re working on it. You’re each other’s safety net when you encounter new and strange situations. Time for another adventure. Pick one up for you and one for them, then share notes. (If you both own the same type of genitalia!)

For a female friend, I recommend the rabbit style vibrator. If one vibrating point of stimulation isn’t enough for her, give this woman some options. It might be the first time to have internal and external stimulation. If not, you’ll add to their arsenal of rabbits. You never know, your choice could become her new favorite.


1. Svakom Trysta

Svakom Trysta


2. Silver Swan 

Silver Swan


3. Lelo Soraya 

Lelo Soraya


For a male friend, I recommend a prostate massager. If he gives you a sideways look at a prostate massager, let him know that it’s the P-spot is the male counterpart to the female G-spot. It might touch him in a way he’s never been touched before.


1. Nexus Ace Medium 

Nexus Ace Medium


2. Lelo Hugo 

Lelo Hugo


Who Puts a Discotheque in the Wild

You relish the weird and wtf moments together. The weirder and the 'wtf'-er the better. While you don’t make it a habit, you have probably been in a state of undress in proximity to one another. Your favorite story is, “Remember that spur of the moment trip out of town, when that one thing happened with the one person and then afterwards you did that thing with another person!” People are jealous of your adventures when you do choose to share the details.

For this friend, you need to bring the WOW factor! When they unbox the sex toy it should illicit the questioning-head-tilt-and-squinty-eye face as they try to figure out what it does. Or maybe they know exactly what it is and have been hoping to add it to their collection.


1. Lelo Tara

Lelo Tara


2. Minna kGoal

Minna kGoal


3. Fun Factory Sharevibe 

fun factory sharevibe share vibe strap on strapless




4. Fun Factory Cobra Libre


fun factory cobra libre 2 male vibrator masturbate



5. Njoy 

njoy pure wand stainless steel dildo gspot


Where the Light Doesn't Touch*

Your friend has done A LOT you haven't. Then again everyone can say that about your friend. While you certainly have had your share of fun, your friend has done things that you didn’t know people actually did in real life. This friend regularly hears that they should be their own reality tv show. You might not go there with them but you want them to enjoy it fully. *(Yes, I really did reference the Lion King.)

For this friend, I recommend full on BDSM gear. Your friend is probably kinky anyway or it’s something on their bucket list. Go for bondage, paddles, and metal. They will definitely use it to it’s full potential. Here are few ideas to get you started.


1. 50 Shades Cross Set 

50 shades restraint bdsm



2. 50 Shades Adjustable Spreader

50 shades spreader bar bdsm


Just remember, that despite 50 shades being a good starter, there’s a lot more to BDSM so better to read and research more about it.


Sex toys are a great way to show that you care. That you really, really care. Doing research on the toys is an extra bonus for your friend. Let them know what the gift does and why you chose it for them. Sex toys are one of the ultimate luxurious gifts to a friend. Spa days are always amazing but a sex toy lasts and lasts and lasts.


Now go find them a gift that fits their personality and their level of wild.


By: Domina Chase 

kink for success logo
Domina Chase is “Manila’s Funniest Boobs”.  She is a sexuality and BDSM educator, blogger, dominatrix, burlesque dancer, and medical student. Her education in health science and experience as a sex toy store employee trainer results in actionable advice. The way that she writes is the way she speaks – directly but with lots of humor thrown in. Follow her blog Kink for Success, on Instagram: Domina Chase, and on Facebook: Domina Chase.


The views and opinions of the contributor does not reflect that of ilya.

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