Sensara Universal Cuffs Quilted

Excitement and frustration in no time. Set the cuffs up loose to have your submissive try to escape, or bind them tight to make them yield to you completely. These Inhibitor Cuffs are the perfect addition to any cop or bondage role play. Arrest your lover; it's time for some spanking and much-deserved punishment with endless teasing and torment.

These firm cuffs are tolerable of any pulling but soft enough for a comfortable experience. They are made with quilted embossed patent material for a shiny look and have a smooth, plush interior to allow for more enjoyable play. The quilt design is perfect for matching the sensual bed quilt and other sex items you possess. The clasps have a swivel design and nickel-free O-rings for the best possible experience, and the cuffs adjust up to 16" (40 cm) with Velcro closure; great for setting up the perfect night filled with lust and desire.

Subdue your submissive and watch as they struggle to release themselves from the frustrating confines. Try these cuffs with a ball gag for the ultimate power thrill and satisfaction.

  • designer shiny faux leather on one side, soft and plushy one the other side 
  • shiny look adjustable, universal cuffs with velcro closure
  • with swivel design clasps and O-rings (nickel free)
  • adjustable to 16 inches (40 cm)
  • body-safe materials

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