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Shake things up a bit with a line of vibrators from only the most trusted brands in sex toys, brought to you by ilya, the Philippines’ first stop for great toys for intimate play. With our curated collection, satisfaction is only a click away. Is external stimulation what does it for you? Our bullet vibrators may be small but pack enough oomph to get you where you need to go. As a bonus, they’re discreet and portable so you can get your buzz on almost anywhere. Is the G more your thing? Our penetrative vibes will be sure to hit the right spot the first time, every time. Find your favorite today and give yourself a whole new vibe!
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Vibrators are the most popular kind of sex toys, and it’s not hard to understand why. The way it pulses against your body triggers all your nerve endings in the most pleasurable way possible. In most toys, you can even control the intensity and pattern of the movement so you can slowly build up to a giant, mind-blowing orgasm or go for a hard and fast climax.

At ilya, you can get every kind of vibrator possible. Whether you love having your clit tickled, need something that reaches your G-spot, or feel greedy and want dual stimulation to achieve a blended orgasm, we’ve got just the toy for you. We also have small but powerful bullet vibrators for beginners and minimalist vibrator designs for women who prefer a more discreet look. 

If you’re currently in a long-distance relationship, you’ll love the app controlled, Wi-Fi enabled features of some of our vibrators. Even when you’re apart, these vibes can help you stay connected and remain sexually engaged. Who ever thought that phone sex could be this fun?

With vibrators, the possibilities for pleasure are endless. We recommend trying different types and styles so you can fully explore and maximize your orgasms.

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