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Monster Pub Play

"What a weird looking toy" you probably said to yourself as you saw this product page and skim through the description to quench your curiosity. But aha! this is the Monster Pub Play's video game controller-inspired charm luring you to take it so you could quench your arousal also. 

The Monster Pub Play's bulbous eggs (though cute in looks) are meant to suck and vibrate on your clit and G-Spot at the same time or separately - however you want to achieve your happy ending after playing *wink wink*. The blue egg with a puckered mouth fitted to fully cover the clit is meant for sucking at your pearl. The yellow egg, on the other hand, is for inserting it in your coochie to massage the G-Spot (Orrr a deeper spot you'd want to explore since the egg is small enough and the wire is long enough to do so *wink wink*)

Thanks to its cutie patootie design, you can bring the Monster Pub Play in your travels like an actual hand-held video game (only this time, the sort of game you'll be playing is a naughty one hehehe) without the fret that it will suddenly turn on as it has a travel lock! Careful with the controller stick though because it's not waterproof unlike the eggs!

  • Brand: Monster Pub
  • Massages the G-Spot and sucks the clit simultaneously or separately
  • Travel lock function (press the burst button 3 times to open or unlock travel lock)
  • 8 preset vibration or sucking modes (small yellow button is for the vibrating egg while the blue button is for the sucking egg)
  • Burst button (big pink button) lets you combine the sucking and vibrating modes by long pressing it for 3 seconds
  • Material: Body-Safe Silicone
  • Dimensions: 7.6 x 3.47 x 3.7 cm (insertable portion)
  • Waterproof: yes, except the controller
  • Battery: USB-rechargeable (Type C)

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