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Lovense Harness

Even if the Lovense Harness was originally meant to keep the Lovense Lapis from swaying and reducing the said strapless strap-on's weight during penetration, it is sooooo flexible in all the right ways that most dildos can fit right through its stretchable and firm o-ring. (This means the girthiest dong with a maximum of up to 2" diameters or below and a wide base could slip right through this harness!) 

*Gasp* "if the Lovense Harness is stretchy, does that mean it's a wear-and-tear" - nope, my dear customer! it may feel and look soft but, it's meant to be resistant from any tearing so it could fit different body shapes and sizes do their horniest deeds. (Despite breaking the bed during sexy time, you won't ever see this silky harness reduce in quality *wink wink*)

  • Brand: Lovense
  • Skin-friendly fabric
  • Material: Nylon, Spandex, Polyamide
  • Resistant to wear and tear (allows for pulling and stretching without tearing)
  • Compatible with Lovense Lapis, Lovense Sex Machine Dildo, and other dildos with a wide base
  • Keeps Lovense Lapis stable against your body to reduce sway and increase control over penetration
  • Firm but stretchable o-ring (up to 2" diameters)
  • Adjustable waist and leg straps accommodate different body shapes and sizes
  • Fits waists that are 29.13 - 48.43 in
  • Fits Legs that are 11.02 - 16.54 in

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