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October 03, 2016 3 min read

So you’re looking to buy your first sex toy? Nervous? Don’t worry! I was too! I’m a 24 year-old woman with, I would say, some moderate sexual experience and it’s been 3 years since I bought my first sex toy. Let me take you on a short ride through my journey from satiating my thirst (ha! Yes, this is a pun) for knowledge about sex to being comfortable in my own skin and recognizing that I’m a human being with a natural curiosity towards.


So before I got my first toy, I was already very well acquainted with myself and my wants. But after reading about toys and other fun things, it got me thinking rationally, but also with my nether regions, let’s be honest here. Questions and curiosities arose once again, and sex toys were now on my masturbatory to-do list (a pun again! I’m on a roll, guys!).


From my own exploration, I felt like I was an expert in achieving the perfect orgasm, but I was curious, would it feel different if I used a toy. What kind of toy? What did women usually use? I was out of my depth and so I consulted Google, my trusted friend. I read and read and read. Even if I was the master of my own domain, I was afraid of buying something I wouldn’t enjoy. I was also wary of getting something shaped like a *toot*. I lived with people and I knew I couldn’t pass off a that kind of dildo as a back massager if someone discovered it. So I read some more and learned about all the possibilities. And since I like pretty things, I got the fairest dildo of them all.


Guys. Guys. GUYS. It was amaaaazing. I remember using that dildo for the first time feeling bit awkward, but also naughty as I was nervously giggling. You know when you read really, really “romantic” fiction or novels and the author says the character sees fireworks and stars or something like that, let me tell you, that (@#!$) is legiiiit. Anyway, the point is, despite how awesome my orgasms when they were self-inflicted (what a term!), they somehow became even more awesome with a toy! It was mind-blowing.


Like I said, about 3 years have passed since that day I used my first ever sex toy. I now have 6 sex toys in my little toy box (SO NAUGHTY OMG), each of which I treasure, first because they are expensive (better spend on quality products and besides, you deserve it!), and second, they have helped me discover parts of myself, sexually, at least, that I never would have discovered if I hadn’t ever used them. My first gush (like a juice box??) was with a sex toy! That is how awesome sex toys are for me. I know the argument could be made that it would be better sharing this kind of stuff with a partner. I have, of sorts. But I like discovering all these things on my own. I’ve learned a bunch of stuff about myself and how I like to be pleased, and the things I learned about myself, I get to apply even when I’m with a partner. Telling him how I like to be touched, and so on and so forth. It made me less shy and embarrassed about sex. I firmly believe that sex is supposed to be enjoyed, and who knows the kinds of things you enjoy better than yourself. You know what I mean? This isn’t a lecture. At least, I never intended it to be one, but I gotta end this story somehow heh! You know what people say about loving someone? That you have to love yourself first before being able to love someone? Well for me, sexual preferences are the same way. You have to know the kinds of things that please you before you can fully enjoy sex with a partner, and the best way to know the things that please you is to please yourself. Remember, practice makes perfect!


By: Anya 


Note: This article has been edited for the protection of our readers (*wink wink*) The views and opinions of the contributor does not reflect that of ilya.

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