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October 21, 2016 3 min read

I am man.


“Sex toys? Never. No way I’d ever use one.” .. was what I used to think.


It started with Tenga eggs from my friend who brought them for the group as gifts from Japan. They were… different. It was like my hand grew another layer, a very pleasurable layer, while maintaining stroke and grip control.


It was a whole new world that opened up; the world of sex toys!


Then my girlfriend and I started talking about sex toys. It honestly made me feel uncomfortable; a bit insecure, to be frank. We had an active sex, albeit one without the use of enhancers or toys, due to lack of places to get from.


Thinking through it, we’re generally adventurous (sex in public, yo!) and have been with each other for years. So it seemed like a good time to try something new though the worry didn’t waver: “what if she’ll find it more pleasurable than my hands? or my tongue? or my… dick?”.



We pushed through with getting a simple vibrator - not too big nor too small (actually it was just around my size and i’m average by most accounts). The logistics of it got confusing in the beginning but we quickly got it to work for us and even made her come. 

o face  


The more we used it, the more we enjoyed having it in our company. It wasn’t a staple during sex but was a welcome addition to spice things up, especially for those days that we just need a little help (and who doesn’t?).


What was becoming clear throughout time was that it was, in the end, a tool - a very convenient and helpful tool. As they say, tools are a man’s best friend. Or was that for our canine companions…


Anyways, so what is it about sex toys that makes us guys so uncomfortable? My girlfriend and I talked about this and for me, it was really the idea of it replacing or surpassing me. “Hindi ko naman kailangan niyan…” with the underlying point being “sapat naman ako eh.”

kanye west

We broke it down and here’s what we came up with:

A bigger toy might feel better because it’s more filling - more often than not though, there’s just the right amount of size and this varies between each person. Too small is a bad thing but also too big is not enjoyable. What’s unquestionable though is that technique (and that’s all in the person) is what separates the champions.


It’s a tool. No matter the material, be it the highest grade medical silicone, it just does not compare to warm and supple flesh. Similarly, one just does not (for most people, at least) get attracted to objects. If I’m attracted to a person, i’m that much more aroused.


In the end, a toy can get the job done - efficiently or drawn out, depending on the user, so it’s definitely convenient. It also enhances and spices things up but the most important aspects in sex, it just cannot cover. So i would say to men out there wondering and in doubt: just let your imagination let loose! No need to worry, that is until the androids come.


P.S. right now, we’re currently toying around with long distance vibrators. Long day from each other? The best for teasing! Foreplay all day long!


By: Kyle 


Note: This article has been edited for the protection of our readers (*wink wink*) The views and opinions of the contributor does not reflect that of ilya.

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