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October 21, 2016 3 min read

Thinking of doing something special for your wonderful guy? Why not treat him to a night of fun exctitement! Turn up the intensity by giving him something so intimate and pleasurable--yes, we mean, a sex toy--he'll go crazy for you the second time around ('Cause y'know, first time being when you guys got together? Get it….? Ok, nevermind) So here are 8 tips in bringing in sex toys into the fray! Goodluck, woooo!


    • Have an idea of what he wants.

    You don’t have to ask him blatantly especially if you want it to be a surprise. But knowing what stimulation he prefers is always a plus. For penile masturbators, best to gauge if he likes hard or gentle stimulation since some toys have those options. For anal, first, make sure if he’s ok with it, then bear in mind when choosing the size if he’s a beginner or not.


    glitter lube



      • Lube it up!

      Make sure you have lube on hand especially if you’re going for anal toys. But even if you’re not, lube just makes things aloooot easier, not to mention, pleasurable and hot. (thing is, with or without toy, lube’s a good companion to have) Some toys are pre lubricated but we’d suggest to have even just a small bottle or packet just in case. Make sure to check the material of your toy and lube base.


      Sex and intimacy is about communication. Talk to your people!


        • Talk!

        If you’re not surprising him, talk about what he wants and why you want to buy him one. If you are surprising him, make sure you’re not forcing him. As with regular sex or relationships in general, communication is key!


        Be sure to consider your guy's feelings before buying toys. Try not to send the wrong message!


          • No, no, no! There's nothing wrong!

          Surprising your man with a toy might send the wrong message so make sure it’s clear to him that it’s not a way to tell him he’s incompetent and that you just want to treat him to something you both have not tried before.


              • Don't be intimidated by the toy!

              We get it, the idea of being compared to a toy is scary. But look at it this way, do you think a dildo can ever replace or compare to your man in your eyes? Unlikely, right? So same thing.


                  • Let the toy work for you! (in relation to the previous tip)

                  But if you’re still worried, follow this tip, use the toy during your sexy time and make sure you own that sh*t. What we mean is while you’re using it on your man, make sure he’s engaged with you. Lock in eye contact as he loses his mind, or stay close to his face and kiss him (and kiss him hard), or if you’re into dirty talk, then do that. If you’re using a penile masturbator, try using it on him with one hand, use the other to touch yourself as you let him watch you, that will surely drive him crazy.




                  Remember, you’re the star of the show, not the toy! The trick is to make the connection between the two of you more intense while the toy’s doing its job. This way, he associates the heightened pleasure with you.


                      • Learning Curve

                      Toys have learning curves. Most male toys are pretty straightforward so they’re easier to learn compared to female toys. But we’d still recommend buying a couple if you’re going for the disposable masturbators. Or if you want to jump right in and invest in your man’s pleasure, make sure you’re both ready to experiment a bit with it and to give yourselves time to get used to it.


                      Have fun and be silly when having sex. Making love is, after all, tons of fun!



                        • Experiment with it

                        Have fun! The toy’s there to make things even more exciting and pleasurable not just for your man but for you as well. So go and experiment with it! Use it for foreplay, main event, or even have him use it on himself while you watch. Endless possibilities!


                        By:  ilya Admin



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