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If you’re going by all the teenage movies and tv shows out there, there is no greater milestone for one to overcome than the loss of your virginity. Complete with the warm lighting, romantic music, and unfairly attractive protagonists, most media portray the first time someone has sex as a perpetually romantic and sexy time. But is that really always the case? Here we take a look at four people who shared what it was like for them to have sex for the first time, and the sexy and not quite sexy things that happened along with it.


Smack that…Face

19, Male


The first time I had sex I accidentally smacked her (my girlfriend, whom I was just dating back then) in the face. She had just given me a blow job, and I wanted to be sexy so I climbed on top of her. In a supposedly sexy voice, I said “My turn” and was supposed to kiss my way down her body. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that my other hand had slipped off the bed, and in my attempt to catch my balance, I flailed my other hand around and smacked it down on the first thing I could catch it on….which was my girlfriend’s face. 


Fanfic Fantasy
23, Female

I was 12 the first time I had sex. It was with my first girlfriend who was a year older than me. With girls, there’s a lot you can do that counts as sex. For us, it didn’t all happen in one go. First was just a lot of rubbing, and then about a month later she went down on me. After that was when we tried fingering. She didn’t make me orgasm. I didn’t realize I had to concentrate really hard for it to happen. I thought it just happened, like in the fanfiction I used to read.

Real Life's Not Like Porn, it's Better
20, Female


The first time I had sex wasn’t with my first relationship. She was my third relationship, but she was my first girlfriend. We had already been together for about five or six months, before we did it. We didn’t plan it e, it kind of just happened. We were at friend’s house, a barkada sleepover. The others were downstairs drunk, and I was a bit tipsy. I wanted to get away from the crowd and the noise for a bit so I went upstairs to one of the rooms. My girlfriend followed me, and at first, we just laid together talking and napping for a bit. After a while, we ended up making out, and next thing I know clothes were coming off. She asked me though if I wanted to and if I was sure, and although nervous, I told her I was, and that I was already excited if she got what I meant. It was awkward a bit, but also fun and playful, It was both our first times so we had a lot of laughs figuring out what exactly we would be doing (scissoring doesn’t work, guys). In the end, it was great because I got to have sex, and whom better to have it with someone I actually loved.


ramen sex stories

Are You in the Mood for…Some Ramen?
23, Male


I first started having sex first year of college. Up until then, all I knew about gay sex was from porn and reading occasional stories on the internet. I was expecting things to be sexy, you know? I hooked up with this guy from Grindr. It was awkward at first ‘cause I didn’t really know how these things went. He offered to blow me so I said, “Okay game”. It was okay during the making out part, but when he when he finally sucked me off, I couldn’t take it. He sounded like he was eating Ramen. The slurping noises were so distracting. I tried to concentrate, I really did, but it was just so loud. I got so turned off that I stopped him, and pretended I needed to pee. After that, I asked him if he wanted to play video games instead, and so the only thing that got banged that night was the zombie from the playstation.


 By: AJ Lim

Note: This article has been edited for the protection of our readers (*wink wink*) The views and opinions of the contributor does not reflect that of ilya.

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