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July 22, 2017 2 min read

  1.  “Para sa friend ko….”
    Yup, we all know it’s your “friend” who wants you to check out this 5.5”-4-speed-waterproof-vibrating-dildo, mind you, in purple that you este, she saw on the site. These customers who area bit shy to say that they’re looking for a toy for themselves, but obviously are. Whatever makes you comfortable, girl. We can even pretend it’s for your long-lost twin sister. 😊  

    Young lady holding shopping bags

  2. Para talaga sa friend niya
    Those actually shopping for a friend, and oh god, we can only hope your friend’s ready for what you chose for him/her. But bless your kind and generous soul for bringing happiness and love to a friend.

    Nope Cactus

  3. “I’m looking for my nth toy.”
    These are customers who know their way through their toys and they usually know what they want! They talk about their toys with such ease and fondness, casually sharing with us their own feedback and insights. Wait right there, we’re just gonna get our notebooks and start jotting down pointers.

  4. “It’s my first toy!”
    Ooooooh a toy virgin! Not that you matter more than other customers just because you’re V (we’re way past the whole judging a person’s worth based on their V-card era) but what an exciting time this is for you and we’re glad we’re able to help you out. Start slow ok? And just relax, oh and never underestimate the power of lube!

  5. “Gusto sana naming ng….”
    Couples! All sorts of couples! We love them! We find it really sweet when couples go to the shop to buy something together or for each other. <3 <3 It makes us reflect on our own life choices.

    Couple having fun

  6. “Ay kala ko ice cream shop…makatingin na nga rin”
    Knew it! That ice cream bar would be a good excuse! Again, we’re here to make you feel comfortable so go and feel free to use the ice cream or our colorful aesthetic as your reason for going in we’d rather that than you don’t explore your curiosity at all. 😊
    Ice cream in cups


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