May 09, 2017 1 min read

We've been featured by TEAM Magazine

TEAM tackles how gay Filipino men relate their identity, from fantasies to where to go for music you can actually dance to. They’re claiming some authority by getting words and ideas on page. And though they lack public places to convene, an open publication (and wide-open digital space) is a good place to start.
Sex toys have definitely grown up. Pleasure never looks out of place when a vibrator or butt plug can look like display-worthy art that can mingle with your daily goods. Personal effects, meet very personal effects.

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Featured here is the Minna Limon sex toy. In the picture are the Tickler SETI and Tickler Nice vibrators. They look just like they belong on your vanity table or bedside!


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Featured: Njoy Pure butt plug, Jimmyjane Indulgences feather and vibrator, Tenga 3D Spiral, Tickler Buddy, and 50 Shades Nipple Clamps. So aesthetic and pretty!

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Featured here: the Njoy Pure butt plug and the Tickler Buddy. Look at that serene lake / mirror scene and how our toys fit in, so discreet.

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