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May 09, 2017 3 min read

Last Christmas, I had the honor of being surprised by the cutest online local sex shop around, Ilya, with my very own Svakom Amy. They recently gave all of us sex-positive advocates – I personally identify as a KINKfluencer– a little (or not-so-little) something to show their support to our craft. Here is what I think about my little toyfriend in the month-long relationship we’ve had so far:


woman holding vibrator


Physical Details:

I am actually a bullet vibe kind of girl and gigantic dildos do not impress me and my invisible penis (and frankly, I’d rather be using these on a strap-on and on someone else), but I found myself rather warm and friendly towards the Svakom Amy. It is an elegantly designed G-spot vibrator that comes in an easy-going size – not too big and not too small – with multiple vibration and pulsation settings. I was thrilled to go through all of the settings, which ranges from gentle throbbing sensations to full-on Level 9 on the vaginal Richter scale (my favorite hehe). Noise is also an issue to some, but I have yet to find an actual toy or person that/who is louder than me in bed.


promo cod


Material and Care:

Svakomis a premium US brand that prides itself in using 100% green and rechargeable technology. Imagine my excitement when I realized that I could charge my new vibe next to my phone, and it would reach full battery even faster than my phone! Later, Facebook. A full charge of my little Amy can last up to two hours of play time for me, and there have even been instances when I would be the one to tap out, le gasp. The Svakom Amy is completely waterproof and submersible in a bath tub, making it very easy to clean. The matte, silky finish of body-safe silicone retains its glory after every wash with fragrance-free soap. I then store it in the plain grey pouch it came with, on my bedside table.


girl holding vibrator



I was in awe with the packaging; I thought Svakom might have been an Apple product. Inside the box, I received the Amy, its pouch, a USB charger with the Ilya logo, an Ilya discount coupon, an Ilya sticker, and a generic Ilya product guide. Watch the live unboxing video here.



Unboxing ilya's Christmas present to me, AKA this one is for everyone who's been baaaad this year!



purple vibrator



Amy loves me as much as I love her. She understands that sometimes I like to play around with other toys that do not necessarily involve the sex act. For a sexy worker such as myself, sex is something I can get as easy as candy and this has led me to explore other non-sexual ways to attain sexual pleasure – ahem, BDSM 101.  Amy, however, makes me remember every time why she gets that special pass with me. She is beautifully-designed, not too demanding of vaginal girth, but offers the sweet and soft pulsations of true love to the violent back-against-the-wall pounding of angry sex.

And yes, the Svakom Amy matches my hair color too. Good call, Ilya

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