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So you’re looking for sex toys. No shame in that; nothing wrong with trying to find every possible means to spice things up in bed. And there’s certainly no judgment from us. In fact, we’re even going to point you in the right direction. Here are 10 sex shops you’ll find in Metro Manila that are ready to cater to all your needs. Check them out yourself to see the goods up close, or if you prefer to go the blush-free route, you can always opt to shop online. Remember: all the stores are for adults only.


The Tickler Bunny, Minna Kgoal, and LELO Ella sex toys featured on ilya 


One of the things Ilya wants to do is provide high-quality sex toys — and not be creepy about it. Their approach is fun, cheeky, and naughty, and Ilya also makes sure to provide information about sexual health and intimacy, as well as a guide to buying sex toys, which they present in some pretty cute infographics. Their Fifty Shades Darker line is now available, so fans will have something new to add to their arsenal of toys. They operate exclusively online, but they’ll ship (discreetly!) anywhere in the Philippines; as they say, “Both you and your package are guaranteed to come.”

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