Your First Toy Kit!


Included in this would be one Tickler Toyfriend of your choice and a 60ml bottle of Intimate Earth Hydra!

New to the game? Come and play with us so you can play with yourself! Soooo, we've been checking our sales and we've realized that we're... doing really well! People really like the Pocket Toyfriends and what's more is that we've been getting quite a number of queries on what's good for beginners. Lucky you because you get a best-seller and an awesome lube, all at an affordable, affordable, affordable price! Cause y'know, the more sex toys in the world, the happier world it is. And we're all about world peace.

Take the opportunity now because, although it's not exactly a promotional item, we just might take it down at any random time - y'know, just for kicks!

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