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Your First Toy Kit! ...Plus!


So, looking to get your first toy, eh? Sure, the First Toy Kit is a mighty choice but here’s a question, why settle for just a bullet vibe and a lube when you can get more? Did you ever think of asking yourself that? Ha! We bet you didn’t! What we’re saying is, go the extra mile, do more, exceed your potential, don’t settle, strive for excellence! Basically, go for Your First Toy Kit Plus with the added Kegel Trainer! ‘Cause kegel’s awesome and should be part of your routine for better pelvic floor health and better orgasms!

  • Brand: Tickler
  • Material: body-safe silicone / ABS
  • Dimensions: 9 cm
  • Weight: 30 grams
  • Waterproof: yes
  • Battery: 1 AAA, 1.5V battery (not included)

Vibrators are an easier (and faster) way to get off and ilya has many different models.  Shop the type of vibrator best suited for the type of sensations you’re looking for. You can choose from bullet, rabbit, suction, internal, g-spot, and more. Bullet vibrators for beginners while G-spot and rabbit vibrators for those looking for a more interesting session.

We’re proud of you for trying something new for yourself but before checking out, get a lubricant to achieve that macaroni in a pot kind of wetness. Try experimenting with flavored lube when doing oral and make your snack taste like a snack too. Lube up with your friends from PjurLovenseSliquid, and stay safe during vaginal and anal sex. Even vibrators and sex toys need lube too! Make sure to check which type of lube best suits the material of your toy.

customer reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
light it up like dynamite 💣

Def bang for the buck! I've been eyeing to get this for over a year and when I realized that I REALLY REALLY TO GET THIS, I ordered, and then after less than 48 hours it got delivered! I'm so happy. Also kudos to ilya's costumer service who's very responsive via email, Instagram and made sure someone in our house received the package. They gave you the assurance that it'll be really really safe and in good hands. The toy itself? UGHHHH SO GOOD. I swear it's best for beginners, no need to read the manual but please read the instructions c/o ilya. I look forward to ordering again. THANK YOU SO MUCH ILYA!

A whole new woooorld

I love me a good steal. For 2.5k, you get lube, you get a kegel, and you get a toy. If that's not bang (😏😏😏) for your buck, then I don't know what is. This is such a good introduction to the world of sex toys and it doesn't make your adventure and exploration through your own jungle intimidating. If you come across this while waiting for a sign to get something, then THIS IS IT. If you see this while it's on sale, girl. GIRL. Get it.

The customer service of Ilya is also 💯, and I appreciate how they package it discreetly (no from, literally just your name and address), plus they check in if you've received it. The only con is how much waste there is because of how hidden your new toys are.

The toy itself does the job and vibrates just with 1 setting. It's very basic but, again, since it's for beginners like me, it's not daunting AT ALL. If I win the lotto, I'd get some for my friends (they have a complete set too with all four!) who are curious too. Toyfriends for everyone!

Just a side note, I appreciate the content Ilya produces as well. Their humor on their IG is great plus it can be educational as well. Thank you for championing women's pleasure, Ilya team. I hope you always have good sex.

keep 'em coming!