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Tenga Men's Loupe

Remember those days in elementary and high school where you got to peer through the lens of a microscope? Those delightfully (??) interesting things you couldn't really explain but also couldn't keep your eyes off of?

Welllll, have we something for you! Tenga developed a little something-something that allows you to magnify something much closer to you (or your partner's)! Using the Tenga loupe, you can actually see all these little swimmers! Such interesting tadpole-y looking... spermies!

At first, we actually thought that this was a joke but it turns out it's as legit as can be! Now, nobody's claiming this to be more accurate than the lab or more reliable than medical professionals. This here is more of a "first step a man can take to pregnancy planning, or simply get to know your body better". In other words, it gives you an idea as to sperm density and all sorts of interesting stuff related to.

Not only is this educational, think about it, aren't you the least curious as to your (or your partner's) lil' army?

Here's an official Tenga link for more details: Just click on the upper right "English" tab to download their PDF file!

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