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Tenga Mazinger Rocket Punch Set

Sora ni sobieru kurogane no shiro
Sūpā robotto Majingā zetto
Muteki no chikara wa bokura no tameni
Seigi no kokoro o pairudā on
Tobase tekken! Rokketo panchi
Imada dasunda Buresuto faiyā
Majingō majingō
Majingā Z

Yama o kudaku kurogane no shiro
Sūpā robotto Majingā zetto
Seigi no ikari wa min'na no tame ni
Heiwa no inori o pairudā on
Hassha meichū! Misairu panchi
Imada dasunda Rusuto harikēn
Majingō majingō
Majingā Z

*yup, the Mazinger Z and the big-cup-fist both are packed into one! Not to be used on any actual penis (unless you use it to punch it!). It's just an awesome transforming toy

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