Sliquid Naturals Satin

Are you into lubes that can give you that natural-feeling, long-lasting lubrication? We gotchu, honey! Here we have Sliquid Satin, an organic, all natural, aloe and carrageenan based intimate moisturizer. Yes, you read it right. This one’s not just your regular lube, this one’s a moisturizer too! Sliquid Satin is designed not just for your sexual activities but for daily use. So, if you experience regular or periodic dryness down there due to menopause, or your medication, or whatever other reason there is, Sliquid Satin would help you with your natural lubrication. And it has vitamin E too! Hello, better looking skin!

  • Brand: Sliquid
  • 125 ml
  • water based
  • 100% vegan friendly
  • glycerin free & paraben free
  • hypoallergenic & non-toxic

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