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Sagami Gold Omamori Nishijin-ori Edition

During the Edo period, there was a millionaire with unprecedented wealth in Japan, known as Sagami-san.
She wasn’t born noble, she was just a typical cat person.

One starry night, a starving cat followed her home.
Not only did Sagami-san feed him, she groomed him and made his bed. The cat purred with delight all night long.
But when Sagami-san woke up the next day, the cat was gone, leaving her with a mountain of shiny gold coins. Overnight, she became the wealthiest person in town.

Sagami-san made an omamori to honour this cat and carried it with her everywhere she went. To her surprise, her fortune had changed for the better since then, and her wealth multiplied.

Is it possible to be like Sagami-san? Sure thing, Sagami is about to bring you the ultimate fortune. The global limited edition “Gold Omamori”, each with significant blessings by Sagami, brings you good luck and fortune in one go. From now on, happiness and wealth are well within reach!

About Nishijin-ori Edition

During the 14th century, Kyoto suffered a long period of civil war between the East and the West. At that time, the West fort was called “Nishijin” and the textile products made in the region were called “Nishijin-ori”. As the artisans of Nishijin took the craftsmanship to a whole new level, Nishijin-ori had become the favourite of the wives of the Tokugawa shogunate during the Edo period. And now it is designated as a traditional craft in modern Japan. Throughout the years, people’s love for Nishijin-ori has never ceased.

To let you have a taste of the traditional craftsmanship while being surrounded by blessings, Sagami has invited Japanese artisans to create the most precious Nishijin-ori Edition of Sagami Gold Omamori with the best technology and material. All golden threads used are made from ultra-thin gold foil—first, cut into narrow strips, then made into thin threads. And here you have the most glittering omamori.

** please note that this is made as an ornament and while it does have a condom within, the condom's expiry is 2022 March

  • Brand: Sagami
  • Gold
  • Silicone based lubricant
  • Nominal width: 52 +/- 2mm
  • Length: 180 +/- 10mm

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