Pjur Backdoor Comfort (water-based)

Pjur's Backdoor Comfort is a water-based lubricant, meaning it's safe to use with toys and condoms. Buuuut, as Pjur folks do indeed know what they're doing, this anal lubricant feels just like silicone in texture and has a long-lasting lubricating effect. 

Great for long sessions with your favorite sex toy and for anal sex. And, we all know how much of a hassle that behind of ours gets, what with it not being self-ubricating!

  • Brand: Pjur
  • water based (feels like silicone though!)
  • dermatologically tested

We’re proud of you for trying something new for yourself but before checking out, get a lubricant to achieve that macaroni in a pot kind of wetness. Try experimenting with flavored lube when doing oral and make your snack taste like a snack too. Lube up with your friends from PjurLovenseSliquid, and stay safe during vaginal and anal sex. Even vibrators and sex toys need lube too! Make sure to check which type of lube best suits the material of your toy.

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