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Nexus Sparta

The Nexus Sparta is one to target the P or Prostate Spot. A stroking motion in action with 5 different settings to find that tempo you so desire for your prostate. We tell you a strong, “Ahooo! Ahooo!”, reaction after using the Nexus Sparta will come from the 'come hither' motion it does!

  • body-soft silicone shaft and phthalate free
  • 5 stimulation modes
  • prostate stroker massager
  • dimensions:
    • total height x base width: 15cm x 1cm
    • shaft insertable length: 11cm
    • shaft diameter: 3.4cm
  • rechargeable
    • waterproof 

    Whether you’re a beginner or expert in anal, you came in the right place. We peg you as the type to be adventurous in bed. ilya offers toys that caters to those who love hitting their g-spot through anal. Butt plugs and anal beads are also a fun way to stimulate your prostate and get yourself an eye-watering orgasm. You know what they say, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

    customer reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Solid buy!

    So this was obviously a 'holy crap this is pricey' type of buy, BUT WAIT it was worth it.

    I read a lot about hands-free orgasms and whatnot and I always wanted to give it a whirl seeing as I've had the Svakom Vick (Also a good buy but I feel like I needed more power). So I checked this Nexus Sparta out. I don't see a lot of reviews about this toy online but the ones I did see were generally positive.

    At first I turned it on just to see what it looked like. It was a rather girthy head with this ball that would go up and down replicating that 'come hither' motion. I was rather disappointed because it looked insanely small and I thought to myself "holy shit this seems so weak", but I stayed optimistic. After an hour of charging I was ready to give it a whirl. I put the entire thing in me and I didn't feel anything. But then I remembered I'm about 5'2 and I feel like this toy was made for giants so I tried to imagine where my prostate was which would be kind of near the entrance since I'm tiny. Ohh boy, I started to feel something, albeit not a lot. I then just pushed the toy upwards to really make it push against my prostate and then my legs started shaking. I was uncontrollably moaning and I could barely even see. My body was squirming and I couldn't move. I don't know if I made it to the big O but I did have intense moments like 4-5 times. Gotta experiment more but it was solid, definitely entered Nirvana.

    keep 'em coming!