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September 27, 2017 2 min read

Admit it. At one point or another in our lives, we’ve all had those weird, and in hindsight, funny misconceptions about the birds and the bees. Without a proper sex education program in most schools in the country, most of us get our ideas of sex and reproduction from media, parents, friends, teachers, and other sources who are at times well-intentioned, but not very well informed. Below, we give you some of the stories people have about their sex education mishaps, and how lack of proper sexual education can lead to some funny, but also alarmingly clueless young men and women.


Hot Tub Effect
23, female 

Beach ball in a pool


During my CLE (Christian Life Education) class in third grade, my teacher told us that we could get pregnant from swimming pools and toilets that boys were in or had used. Of course, as a kid I believed her and it wasn’t until high school where I learned it wasn’t true and it was my friends who told me. I didn’t particularly avoid swimming pools or toilets while growing up, but I was always worried about it.


The Stork Theory 
21, male

I believed the stork thing for a while, that babies were delivered to parents’ doorsteps until I peeked through a hospital window and saw someone giving birth. After that, I thought pregnancy happened through kissing, so I got weird about that for a while. Also, I didn’t think that what I was doing when I was a kid was considered masturbation since I heard that semen comes out when you do it. Since semen only comes out when you hit puberty and I’d been jacking it since I was 4 years old, I thought, “hey, it ain’t masturbation.”


Wrong Hole! 
21, female 

I knew that women could get pregnant when semen went inside them, and back in high school I took that way too literally. I thought that I could get pregnant if I swallowed my boyfriend’s cum or even just gave him a blow job. For a long time I refused to give him head, much to his disappointment. It was my older sister who told me that swallowing cum wouldn’t do anything to me.


Stack 'em Up! 
23, male 


All the way until I was in 4th year high school, I thought that when people had sex, they just got on top of each other. Like, okay that isn’t exactly wrong, but that’s all I thought sex was. The guy laying on top of the girl. Literally. And that was it. It was rather embarrassing being the only one who didn’t know how it actually worked when I got to college.


By: AJ Lim 
Note: This article has been edited for the protection of our readers (*wink wink*) The views and opinions of the contributor does not reflect that of ilya.

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