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January 31, 2021 5 min read


You are known for your long-lasting stamina and fiery, red passion. You like to be in control of everything. Your dominance screams aggression and impulse. Everything you lust is a call for urgency. Spontaneous and action-packed, direct, precise and straightforward; you, fire-signs, are ones whose eyes are on the goal yet value efficiency. You are enthusiastic and competitive; you want to be the best at everything but does not seek the complicated nor the chunky gadgets.

For you, rams, the right toys are the cuffs and the gags to keep you in control but not overwhelmed. To establish your dominance on your partner, we recommend you use the kinklab double-lock leg irons, the universal cuffs, bondage cuffs and mouth gags from sensara.



You are patient, gentle and you value sweet pleasures. You can be stubborn yet really determined and straightforward. You often crave for sensual and intense physical contact. Slow, irresistible and always has the sense of luxury.

For the gentle bulls, we have the premium and intense ones; the ina wave, loki wave and tara all from Lelo.



The trickster amongst all the signs – always curious and full of mischief. Ruled by Mercury, the twins always crave for intellectual conversations and mental stimulations. You are always up for games and experimentations. You are quick, restless and you always seek for different positions. You are playful and you constantly lust for thrill! You love foreplay and you can purposely delay the act of intercourse but will also seduce during the process.

To keep up with the love of different positions, ilya has Svakom Cici for you, Gemini. For your playful foreplays, let Svakom Nymph enhance the thrill and excitement. To stimulate the mind and the raise the game to a whole new level, why don’t you try the dice, sex dice and our truth or dare deck?



Intuitive and nurturing, receptive and is governed by emotions; you, cancers like to feel safe and needed. Although protected by a tough exoskeleton, in your core lies a sweet, sensitive interior. You can be sensual and deeply erotic, passionate and submissive.

To tickle you while getting into your hard shell, we have Svakom Daisy and Iroha Zen for you, Cancer.



Your glowing charisma and incredible presence – ruled by the Sun – makes you the life of the party. Highly passionate and enthusiastic, you always take the leading role. With the lust to be loved, needed and admired, you tend to flaunt the goods and give epic sexual performances. You welcome sexual fantasies and cinematic sexual encounters. Because of your need to be desired, you tend to crave for audiences. Also, drama is a plus for you; I can’t blame you, it’s your large personality, creativity and undeniably alluring charisma that are speaking here.

To satisfy your thirst for the theatrics why don’t you try using the Sensara Paddle or the 50 Shades Principle of Lust? To those who’s hungry for the audience, why don’t you use the Lovense Lush2? For the men who likes to flaunt their package, make yourself look exxxtra good with the Tickler Buddy or the Nexus Enduro.



Precise and calculated, you, Virgos are ones who value your perfectionism and scrupulous personalities. Methodical and analytical, Virgos are aroused by intellectual exchange and mischievous word plays. Practical and minimal, we understand your love for clean surroundings and good hygiene. But don’t get fooled by the virgin image, you Virgos are obsessed with sex! You can even turn mundane activities to carnal romps.

For you, Virgos I recommend you dig Svakom Keri, Tickler Pocket Toyfriends, Fun Factory The Boss. Bonus purchases are the Nexus Douche and the Nexus Wash.



You feel your best when surrounded with beauty. You are charming and in love with love, finding the perfect balance to everything is your ultimate goal. You scream elegance and sophistication; so, dressing up nicely or wearing a pretty sexy scent appeal to you. Your glamour is your way to seduction. You better make that lighting really good, play that erotic playlist, light some scented candles and set the ambiance to a really good mood to fulfill your greatest fantasies.

For you, Libras, we have the perfect balance between aesthetics and pleasure. Try Svakom Trysta or Lelo Soraya.



Sensual and erotic with the right mix of darkness and mystery. Your elusive persona dwells fearlessly in dark and taboo passions. You tend to hide your rawness under a cloak of secrets. You love sparking heat and intrigue while casting your hypnotic aura. For you it’s go big or go home, it’s all or nothing. Through your undeniably great desire and passion, you can connect minds, bodies and souls. You push boundaries by experimenting with power and control. You play up with rhythm, pressure, and speed to build up intensity.

For you Scorpios, why don’t you explore the dark side and try 50 Shades Dark Desire or the Lelo Hugo? Or if you feel like pushing boundaries, why don’t you use the Nexus Sparta or the Nexus Ace? Satisfyer Men Heating Vibration and Tenga Flip Zero are good choices too.



The most adventurous among all the signs, your optimism and enthusiasm bleeds with fire. Transparent and open, what we see is what we get from you. You live for thrill, spontaneity and bold fantasies. You’re always in the mood to experiment and to be daring.

For you who seeks adventures, try the Nexus Excite Anal Beads or the bendy beads from Fun Factory. Svakom Vick is a good choice too. Njoy pure wand and pure plug have their wonders for you too. 



Wise and determined, cautious and reserved, traditional and conservative; these are your primary traits but man are you one of the kinkiest signs! Your strong endurance and hard work can manifest in your dedication and determination towards erotic intensity.  For you, masturbation is an excellent way to cap a stressful day off, to relax, to unwind and to explore. So, go ahead, Capricorns! Release then release again.

For the cautious and reserved, I recommend you use the iroha+ collection. But for those those who are dedicated to erotic intensity, we have the Fun Factory Semirealistic and the the Tenga Fliphole.



You are a visionary and an intellectual; logical and detached but sometimes misunderstood. You hate to be told and rules make you feel oppressed that is why you love experimenting with self-pleasure. You think masturbation gives you freedom to explore bodies and minds without external limitations. Innovative and eccentric, you always seek for diverse sexual experience. Sex can be a little messy for you, the more unconventional the better.

For you Aquarius, try the toys with extra features, like Emma and Vesper both from Svakom. The two have heating feature giving you that warmth with mindf*ck on the side. But if you like good suction to your pussy, Satisfyer Pro 3 Vibration is for you.  Satisfyer Men Vibration can give you extra sensation too.



Spiritual and otherworldly; you may appear highly mysterious and in-tune with your surroundings. You are empathetic and sensitive. You have the ability to absorb emotions and experiences. You feel best when you’re emotionally healing those around you. Romantic and seductive. Sex with you is erotic, hypnotic and almost dream-like.

To the Pisces who want to explore with their partners, We-Vibe Sync is a great tool for you. For a more complete package, We-Vibe Anniversary Collection is a great choice too. Try Svakom Winni and Lelo Tor2 too.



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