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May 06, 2020 4 min read

Mother’s Day Special: Sex Toys For Her Love Language

Written by Nola Saldaña

May 04, 2020


I’ve always been deliberate with love. Whether it be cooking his favorite childhood food or initiating a question-and-answer portion on date night, I make sure to love with intention. We now have the tools to enrich our love lives, and we get to have choices that empower us and our relationships. Getting to know our partners better can open a wide room for amplified intimacy. Who doesn’t want that?

In preparation of Mother’s Day, take on this quiz to know what language you and your partner speak when expressing love. Your individual results could be one of the five of them: physical touch, gift-giving, quality time, words of affirmation, and acts of service.  

We at ilya celebrate the amazing mothers from all the world over, so we selected sex toys that pair perfectly with each love language. If you want to determine the best fit for your main woman (or if that main woman is you!), scroll further to read and explore. No ideas for colorful banners and confetti here, just the promise of drip and explosion on your sheets. ;)


    Receiving Gifts

      For those who have this as their love language, it’s not really about the gift per se but the thought that went with choosing that particular gift. It could be merch from their favorite TV show, or a memento from your first date! They appreciate tangible representations of thoughtfulness and effort.

       Tickler Foxy Sex Toy

      If tokens are her thing, the Tickler Foxy literally comes in handy: it’s a mini-sized, lipstick incognito vibrator she can stash in her make-up bag for discreet and convenient use. Imagine her reaching for a lipstick and seeing this instead -- it’s like a secret conversation taking place.    


        Words of Affirmation

          This love language might sound simple, but words of affirmation spans a wide range -- from giving compliments like “You look really sexy with that dress,” to expressing encouragement by saying “I believe in you because you are smart and steadfast.” May it be admiration, appreciation, or empathy; assure your partner that these are felt on your side. The idea is expressing the extent of your emotions with loving words.

          Svakom Ella Sex Toy

          In that regard, we recommend a toy that has the range: Svakom Ella. It’s a vibrating egg that has five modes and five intensities. The cherry on top is that it can be controlled by Bluetooth through the Ella app. Talk about the 21st century kind of sexy! Here’s a tip: have your woman lie or sit down from across the room while you command the toy to do its thing on your phone. And if you plan to spice things up even more, tie the Sensara Ball Gag Jacquard over their mouth as you do all the (dirty) talking. As a treat, go enjoy your view.


          Sensara Ball Gag Jacquard  

            Acts of Service

              Actions speak louder than words for subscribers of this love language. They feel the most loved when you do something to ease their responsibilities. Moms sure do have a lot on their plate and ticking off several chores on their to-do list will be your recipe for their relief. You can do this by making them their cup of coffee in the morning, taking their scraggly shoes for repair, or simply asking them what they need help with.


              Satisfyer Pro 3 Sex Toy  


              It’s apparent that the Satisfyer Pro 3 gets the job done. The name speaks for itself! You need something that gets the job done. And with this one, it does it well. Tick off her orgasm list with the 110 combinations that you can get from its ten pressure waves eleven intensities. Just for good measure (and if she’s open to it!), add in the Sensara Cuffs for a tied-down tease while she’s on the Satisfyer Pro 3 ecstasy.

              Sensara Cuffs Quilted Sex Toy


                Quality Time

                  Most of us can be guilty of staring down our phones during dinner and pre-bedtime. That’s exactly the thing to avoid with people who have this as their love language. Your busy schedules can lessen your time together and little pockets of free moments can be well spent by talking about your day. On weekends, a pre-planned, thoughtful date can make up for a hectic work week. Physical presence isn’t enough for these folks; they need undistracted, undivided involvement.

                  Svakom Winnni Sex Toy 

                  Pleasure goes both ways for the Svakom Winni. It’s a vibrating cock ring and clitoris stimulator in one, and it’s packed with five different modes with five intensities. Maintain eye contact; no room for distractions this time.


                    Physical Touch

                      Whenever I come across this love language in texts, this Paul Abdul song comes to mind. Cue in the back rub, the hand-on-thighs, and the soft, random kisses. Physical accessibility is essential for these lovers with the intimacy level ranging from comforting to sensual. And if it isn’t clear yet, love-making is the aggregate of these touches, and a whole lot more.

                      Tickler Nosy Sex Toy

                      When touch reigns supreme, we recommend the Tickler Nosy -- a Power Toyfriend designed to give her simultaneous stimulation on both her clit and G-spot with its five distinct pulsation modes. It sure goes in deep! All southside touch points are pressed with this one so your hand is freed up to land on other regions. *wink*

                      There you have it! The goal of the occasion is to crown the woman of the house with love and appreciation in ways that she comprehends, thus the need to know her love language. If you're not keen on surprises, give her the floor to choose which toy to get (you can browse other toys in our collection here!) and lean in on what she wants. It's her season after all. 😊


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