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August 21, 2017 3 min read

Whether it’s from friends, the internet, or really bad porn (let’s be real here), all of us have heard of one thing or another about sex or sexuality. While some of them are true, all of us have some degree of shady information about this topic just stewing away in our brains (and sometimes in our bedrooms).


Today, we try to shed some light into those shady areas. Here are a few common bedroom myths, and whether or not you should drag these pieces of information into the bedroom or the recycling bin.


1. Is bigger better?



Unless you’re ordering twister fries or a scoop of ice cream, bigger doesn’t actually mean better. Yes, guys, you can stop comparing the length of your dongs because having a longer dick does not mean you’ll end up with better bedroom escapades. A study conducted by Psychologists Johnson and Masters, as well as more recently by Russell Eisenman, found that when they studied sexual satisfaction among women, the length of the penis did not contribute to their satisfaction. In fact, a number of women were quoted as saying they found that width played a bigger difference in sexual satisfaction compared to the length of the penis.




2. Women aren’t as horny as men.




We often have the notion that the difference between the sex drives in men and women are as different as David and Goliath. But is that really the case? Not quite. Researcher Terri Conley conducted a study looking at the difference in sexual drives and motivations of men and women. In her study, she found that men and women actually showed the same level of sexual desires as each other, the difference laid more in how often each gender engaged in sex. Men appeared to be hornier because they were more likely to engage in instances of casual sex based solely on the attractiveness of their partner. On the other hand, women tended to decide on whether or not to have casual sex based on their perceived ability of their partner to give them pleasurable sex, making them more hesitant to engage in random sexual encounters.




3. Men can’t have multiple orgasms


Some people seem to think that a guy having more than one orgasm is the stuff made of superheroes and legends. Sorry to disappoint your dreams of finally becoming an Avenger but actually, it’s not. A study published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour by Marian E. Dunn and Jan E. Trost showed that the popular belief that men can only orgasm once may actually be affecting the number of times they can orgasm. Dunn and Trost interviewed several men who have been able to orgasm multiple times during their sexual encounters. They found that while some of the men have been able to do so all their life and some discovered the ability later in life, there were others who were able to teach themselves how to achieve multiple orgasms. The researcher proposed that the belief about a man’s ability to orgasm may actually be influencing his behavior and his body, thus affecting the number of time he can actually come. So science says it’s all in the mind, boys!




4. You can’t get an STD from Oral or Anal Sex


With the amount of stigma that lies among people with Sexually Transmitted Disease, as a result, very little conversation and information goes around about the topic. This leaves little wonder that a lot of people have faulty information running through their heads about what the realities of STIs actually are. One of them is the popular myth that if you’re having Oral or Anal sex, you’re safe from STDs. The walls of the mouth and rectum are actually thin layers of skin, making it easier for infections to be transmitted. STDs are transmitted via body fluids. Whether you’re giving or receiving, the rate of infection for STDs is just as high for oral and anal sex as it is if you’re having vaginal sex.




Hope we brought some enlightenment to your life. If you have other questions and myths you want us to tackle, just email us at


 By: AJ Lim

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