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 So you’ve gotten your first sex toy! Yaaay! Is it awesome? I hope it’s awesome.


Here’s something y’all gotta know about me - I own three toys: 1 rabbit vibe (an impulse buy and not so great, would not for the faint of heart), 1 bullet vibe (for quickies, A+, would recommend) and one g-spot vibe (repeat after me: yes, yes, yes). Now, you might be wondering, I am already proud owner of a sex toy, why should I buy another one? Don’t they all do the same thing?


Short answer: more toys = more orgasms.


Long answer: Having more toys in your arsenal is one of the best ways to get to know your body and discover what makes you feel good. While one sex toy might give you warm and fuzzy feelings, investing in another toy might just give you that electric jolt you never knew you needed. No toy is created the same way and expanding your collection opens you up (heh) to more sensations.


oooooohh! Sex toys can be naughty but are always fun. Sex toys are, after all, toys. And they're for sex! What could be more fun?
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Let’s make a metaphor out of this:


Do you do yoga, dear reader? I’m gonna assume, for the sake of argument, that you do yoga. How did you first start out? Did you take a basics class? Or did you go all out and take a full 90-minute hot yoga session? You probably thought to yourself, “Hey, I’m really liking this kind of exercise. I’m gonna do it some more!” Maybe your first try at yoga really worked out for you. Maybe hot yoga isn’t for you and you decide to take another type of class. See where I’m going here?


Yoga and sex are a cute metaphor. Flexibility jokes aside, variety and progression is key in both areas. It just so happens that you can use toys to further your pursuits in sex.
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Your journey to discovering pleasures takes a similar course. Your first sex toy introduces you to something amazing but it doesn’t have to be the be all, end all. You’ve already taken a step into a whole new lifestyle. See what else is out there. If your first toy was the humble but powerful bullet vibrator, you could go for something more “advanced,” like a g-spot vibrator, a butt plug or even BDSM equipment for you and your partner! You could try another “basic” toy to mix things up, maybe a dildo to match with your bullet vibe. There are endless possibilities out there that you’ve opened yourself up to! And here’s something I learned on my road to finding those oh, oh ohs: Some days you’ll want to come really, really quickly, and on others, you’ll want hours and hoursof play time. No one toy can give a girl that kind of loving. You gotta have ‘em all.


Sex toys open up a new world of pleasure, sensation, and enjoyment. Try one and broaden your horizons.
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And, dear reader, at the end of the day, the number one reason to get yourself more than one toy is this: You deserve all the pleasures this world can offer. Treat yo’ self.


By: Gaby Solo


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