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October 27, 2017 3 min read

Some of the most enjoyable things to do for a couple often come in the form of bedroom fun. Getting to know each other, and learning more about what turns the other on are some of the most exciting times couples can have together. In this article, we share with you some tips and tricks couples, old and new, can use to get to know each other better in fun and adventurous ways.

1. Weekend Getaway with Bae


Summer inflatables

According to couples’ counselor Dr. Diana Krischner, adding novel experiences into a relationship releases Dopamine, the happy hormone, into our systems, giving our bodies an extra boost (Adaway, 2017). One way to do this is to have a change of scenery for your sexual experiences with your significant other. Going to new places and spending quality time together, not to mention having sex in a new environment, is a way to ensure you and your partner have a romantic weekend ahead, as well as add a bit of thrill and excitement into your sex lives ("Sexy turn-ons to put the spark back into your sex life", 2017).


2. Role Playing


Contrary to the belief that role playing is only for the naughty and the kinky, acting out each other’s dream roles and fantasies, whether romantically or sexually, can actually be healthy for the relationship. According to Dr. Krischner, role playing allows couples to explore deeper parts of one another, and to allow couples to free up and let loose with each other in a very intimate way (Adaway, 2017). According to another marriage counselor, Caitlyn Caracciolo, role playing is also a sign that both members of the relationship feel secure and safe with one another. Not only can it act as a source of excitement, but it can also indicate the strength of the couple’s relationship (Engle, 2015).


3. Explore New Sex Positions


Brown Bear swimming

Some of the simpler and easier ways for couples to explore getting to know each other can be done in the comfort of your own bedroom. Especially for couples in the early stages of their relationship, trying out new sex positions can be an exciting way to find out what works for each other. Trying out new positions also gives partners a new perspective on their partner’s bodies, which may end up influencing their feelings and emotions during the sexual encounter. Changing positions also allows you guys to discover other erogenous zones that your partner may have on his or her body ("7 advantages of using different sex positions", 2017).


4. Playing around with your body


There’s more to sex than just penetration and masturbation. One aspect of sex that couples should definitely explore is the concept of erogenous zones on their bodies. In layman’s terms, erogenous zones are parts of the body where stimulation produces intense pleasure or that feeling of chills up and down your spine. Apart from the genitals, other possible areas includes the nipples, thighs, butt, and many other little-explored areas of your body (McDonnell-Arnold, 2017). Having couples try out various forms of sexual play, nipple play, or anal play, to name a few examples, help couples figure out which body parts work best in producing fireworks for their partners.


Getting to know your partner is a vital part of every relationship. When it comes to the bedroom, knowing what works and what doesn’t for your partner could spell the difference between a happy growing relationship, and a dissatisfied and frustrated one. Adding some novelty into the relationship is a good way to get to know your partner and keep the passion burning, even beyond those early honeymoon stages.




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By: AJ Lim 


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