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February 02, 2021 2 min read

I never Imagined myself diving head first to this wonderful world of sex toys. Not until months ago.

I never really heard of ilya until I decided to check them out online, out of curiosity. “Sex toys, cool brand, interesting stuff; I’m up to that!”, I told myself while scrolling their Instagram feed. Fast forward to the present, to when I know better, ilya is more than that.

We all have that one friend from our circle; that bubbly, funny, geeky, smart ka-barkada who talks about sex all the time but has the sensitivity to care for you. No, not the f*ckboy kind, the one you always want to have a drink with, the one you always want to have ice cream with, that friend. Well, ilya is like that. Beneath the vibrant, fun, dynamic façade of the sex toy shop, lies its core; their good service to customers.

They often present themselves as the brand who loves puns and humor, the brand who won’t make you feel intimidated when you come to them, the shop that doesn’t shove sex in the most literal manner. Well, they are those things, but what people don’t know about them is that more than the toys they sell is that they are after your pleasure, your satisfaction, your needs and what suits you best.

Trust me, they listened to your stories; of elders wanting to ignite intimacy again, of couples wanting to explore and discover, of LGBTQ+ people wanting to make brighter colors, of individuals seeking ways on how to love their selves better. Regardless of sex, gender, status, shape, form, size, age, beginner or advanced, when you get out of the shop, when you give them a call or send them a message, they’ll make sure that your curiosities are being met. They know their products and they’ll make sure that you’ll have the most amazing experience with the toy for you.

ilya is that friend, they’re your friends. Talk to them, they can come up with something that’s right for you, for sure.

So, what did I see in ilya that made me fell in love with it?

Besides embracing me as a part of the ilya team (and our amazing ice cream), well, I didn’t know a sex soy toy shop would go extra miles and change the way we see sex toys, sexual health and intimacy. Thus, this is the first time I saw a sex shop that doesn’t just sell toys but actually cares and puts the patrons first.

P.S. we have product warranties too! Isn’t that great?

*disclosure - as depicted above, the one who wrote this was an ilya team mate.

keep 'em coming!