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Womanizer Wave


Literally hide your toy from plain view by making an everyday item your go-to cumming buddy with the Womanizer Wave that is a shower head both made to typically clean your body (like how showers are obviously made for, duh) and use water pressure to stimulate the clit  (like how showers are made for the horny crowd who explored how they want to be pleasured at the comfort of their bathroom *eyebrow flash*)

With the one-button switch and intensity slider at the shower head's neck - you can either ride the high of a water jet pinpointed at your clit, go full blast all over your vulva with overstimulation (if that's your thing) or a cross between the two sensations.

You don't have to worry about having multiple rounds of orgasms simply because you think water is getting wasted. Psh Nah! The Womanizer Wave uses less water than the average shower head no matter how intense it gets. 

  • Brand: Womanizer (in collaboration with Hansgrohe)
  • Material: ABS
  • has 3 water jets
  • has water intensity slide adjuster
  • 2-in-1 function (both a shower head and clitoral massager that is super discreet for those that are none the wiser)
  • Saves water (EcoSmart tech uses 60% less water than your average shower head while giving you maximum pleasure)
  • Effortless installation (universal fit that is compatible with any standard handheld shower head connection with detachable adapter and hose)
  • Intuitive control (has 1 slider to cycle through its 3 different water jets for different pressure intensities)
  • Includes: sieve seal, quick start guide, safety information
  • Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.9 x 11 inches
  • Weight: 191 grams
  • Waterproof: yes (it's literally using water to massage for clit stimulation!)

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