The Cowgirl - Premium Sex Machine

*please note this product is a pre-order and will take 1-3 months to arrive but can adjust depending on uncontrollable forces. Feel free to message us at +63917 628 6771 if you want this sooner and we can coordinate with you.


ilya's finally got The Cowgirl! This is the toy hailed by many as the "ultimate" in vibrating machines and for good reason as the experience this contraption gives is pretty damn special. Thanks to the advent of sexual positivity, there's been the freedom to design toys without compromise; in the Cowgirl's case, it's not discretion or affordability that it's concerning itself with but works on the premise of maximum luxury and experience!

The Cowgirl has a unique handcrafted saddle-shape with additional padding to make your bounces and slides as realistic and luxurious as possible. Ergonomics have been thought of, too, to ensure that the angle of usage provides support. Wouldn't want to fall off from too much pleasure, right?

This baby has:

- 2 attachments: Rawhide Attachment is a textured silicone appendage that's great for bumping and grinding while the Wild West Attachment blends your orgasm and intensifies the experience thanks to its insertable portion.

- independent vibration and rotation control

- 1,200rpm vibrations! 

- 6 vibrating patterns and 360 swivel rotation with low to high variable speeds

- easy to clean vegan leather (oh, so important!)

- control by corded remote or smart phone apps (iOS or Android)

The Cowgirl is one of those devices that has a reputation that precedes it thanks to its immensely well thought of design from its design factor, to its stiff and sturdy (reliable!) while giving a sublime feel to touch, and the little things such as non-slip bumpers that make a whole lot of a difference. This places the Cowgirl in a league of its own when it comes to unparalleled comfort, luxurious materials, and ultimate functionality to blow your mind into oblivion, wooohooo! 


keep 'em coming!