Tenga Spinner Brick

Here's another hip and cool product from Tenga! The Spinner line! Look at how these things look from the outside, then the inside... props to Tenga for really giving time to come up with a design like this.

Then we move on to the function - the spinner is named as such since the way it moves on your dingalingaling is in a swirling spiraling motion. Check this video out https://bit.ly/2NHTKd5 to see what we mean!

6 models to choose from with varying sensations. The Spinner Brick has one goal and trait in mind and that's stimulation! Among all its brethren, it looks to simply stimulate, stimulate, stimulate (more than the others) ones penis with... bricks. Very soft bricks!

And typical of Tenga, the company that thinks of everything and is ever reliable, they've made packaging as a container to hold the Spinner when not in use but also as a drying dock! So that when the deed is done and your new favorite toy is washed and clean, you can simply place it back from where it came from (removing the lower part of the case) to dry it up!

*adding to cart this page includes Tenga Spinner Brick alone and not the entire set of 6. Other models in the picture are used only as reference.

  • Brand: Tenga
  • Material: antibacterial elastomer
  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 x 13 cm
  • Weight: 130 grams
  • Reusable: yes

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