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Svakom Keri

Keri is Svakom's flexible external vibrator that can be bent all sortsa ways to hit that spot that works great for you. With its wider "head" to easily cover your entire clit, Keri is great from teasing all the way to finishing! It also looks sort of like a spoon so if that's something that works for you, double greatness!

  • Brand: Svakom
  • 5 modes & 5 intensities
  • Material: body-safe silicone & body-safe ABS
  • Dimensions: 1.7 x 3.0 cm
  • Weight: 103 grams
  • Waterproof: yes
  • Battery: USB-rechargeable

Vibrators are an easier (and faster) way to get off and ilya has many different models.  Shop the type of vibrator best suited for the type of sensations you’re looking for. You can choose from bullet, rabbit, suction, internal, g-spot, and more. Bullet vibrators for beginners while G-spot and rabbit vibrators for those looking for a more interesting session.

customer reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Quite good!!!

Keri is a good sized toy you can easily hide in a simple pouch or keep in display as a body massager (as advertised by the manufacturers, it was quite enjoyable on my stiff neck and shoulders), with easy care and maintenance! It was quite easy to use especially for a beginner to toys, like me. I’m a rather slow starter, but this toy definitely helped to speed things up! I quite enjoyed the various vibration modes and intensities, and was pleasantly surprised with how quiet it is. I also like that it comes in a cute pink color!

Definitely got a happy ending with this one! :)

Also much love to the staff for helping me out with my many burning questions. I definitely appreciated their prompt responses and straightforward explanations of the toys and tips I asked about. Delivery was prompt as well, with some fun surprises thrown in. An overall good experience with the customer service, and the toy!

Am definitely cumming back for more! ;)


best O i ever got. a really good masturbation tool for me, as someone who always did it "manually".

sure, the toy's quiet, but it fails to keep me so. also love the fact that it's budget-friendly compared to all other toys. 3,200 for a clitoral massager that can double as g-spot massager for beginners with its small head (a little bit less wide than two fingers), with five speeds and five modes? sold. it's also very user-friendly, with its easy to navigate settings. love the fact that it's rechargeable with a pinhole at the bottom, so you never really have to worry about it while washing and using it. downside would be looking for a charger replacement if you lose it would be so hard, but i guess that's on you. it's also smooth so inserting it was easy.

kudos to ilya for being very accommodating and friendly! they really check up on you and your experience receiving the product. never thought buying a sex toy would prove to not be so daunting after all :)


I absolutely love this toy! Will give you the best O! And what I love the most is how couple friendly this is. You can use with your partner in a lot of positions. 😍 Def upped me and my boyfriend’s sex game!

keep 'em coming!