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Satisfyer Pro+ G-Spot

This Satisfyer product has a 2 year warranty, woooooo!

The Satisfyer Pro+ G-Spot was developed when Satisfyer realized success with their air-pulse technology. "we're the clit masters now, what next? they ask..." The G-spot, naturally! So the Pro+ G-Spot is actually Satisfyer's version of a rabbit vibrator, stimulating both the clitoris and good ol' Gräfenberg (g-spot) at the same time. The flexible vibrating shaft clings and curves to massage that ever elusive spot while the air-pulse gets your clitoris off. 

Like all other Satisfyer products, the Pro+ G-Spot is versatile as can be in that it can be used while you're in between your cushions or while you're in your tub (who has tubs nowadays?) thanks to its waterproofness. With its 10 vibration modes and 11 pressure-waves, that's... a bajillion intensities you can play around with. 

(hmm... perhaps a warning of fainting due to too much simultaneous pleasure is needed here...) Enjooooooy~

  • Brand: Satisfyer
  • 2 Year Warranty! Wooohooo!
  • 11 modes, 10 intensities
  • Material: body-safe silicone 
  • Dimensions: 22 x 4.3 x 7.2 cm
  • Waterproof: yes
  • Battery: USB-rechargeable

Vibrators are an easier (and faster) way to get off and ilya has many different models.  Shop the type of vibrator best suited for the type of sensations you’re looking for. You can choose from bullet, rabbit, suction, internal, g-spot, and more. Bullet vibrators for beginners while G-spot and rabbit vibrators for those looking for a more interesting session.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
The best orgasms ever

I don't know if I would ever find another sex toy this good. I have tried several types and brands (high end ones at that) but this rabbit is the best, no question about it! Its clit sucker sits right on the honeypot and gives such pinpointed pleasure that it never fails to give me a toe-curling orgasm. Sucking intensity is just right (though I tend to always go for the max level), and the vibrating internal shaft (also maxxed out) adds to the wonderful sensations that rock my world. I recently discovered that I am more clit-oriented in masturbation while also finding pleasure in penetrative sex, so combo clit suckers with insertable arms like these are more effective in providing sexual pleasure over pure vibrators or pure clit suckers for me. I cream all the time with this baby. Even though I have many other sex toys, I always reach for this one every playtime to to finish me off. You should, too ;-)

satisfyer is an understatement

this is my first Big Girl purchase and it DID NOT disappoint. the vibrations don't hurt your hand, it's quiet, and there are so many modes to try! i had a lot of fun with this one.

plus, ilya's customer service is amazing, too! hands down to you guys for being so responsive and warm.

My New Best Buddy :)

Gave me so many orgasms - seriously worth the purchase! Great quality - and way cheaper than the other brands. Firm yet flexible.. the battery lasts for quite some time (so you can be greedy) and the variety of speed is a big plus!
I'm buying another toy with the same brand :)
(ps - 5 stars too for ilya's customer experience)

Oh Em Effing G Spot

My second purchase from Ilya and I am just as satisfied 🤤 I bought my first sex toy with ilya with satisfyer pro 2+ and bought this model next. It’s so damn good. The setting 4 with the clit suck on max and with vibration on the c sucker is an absolute heavenly mix. Until the next purchase, Ilya!! 💜

First with ilya

Bought this item few mos ago, it became my fave thing instantly. Shopping experience was also superb. Thank you ilya!

keep 'em coming!