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Satisfyer Pro 2+ Vibration

This Satisfyer product has a 2 year warranty, woooooo!

Vibration + pressure waves = total pleasureairuwieugueghghghhh!

The feeling you'll never ever forget. After a long day of noise and pollution, a nice warm (or cold, given this damn Philippine hotness) shower will not only wash away that grimey feeling, it will also sooth your body. Then take it one step further to really relax yourself by taking the Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration for a go - yes, while still in the shower... though, we must warn you that it can, without exaggeration, make your legs go wobbly. Soooo, maybe explore its 110 combinations in your bed?

Oh, and don't forget that pitcher of water to rehydrate after. Don't say we din't say so!

  • Brand: Satisfyer
  • 2 Year Warranty! Wooohooo!
  • 11 modes, 10 intensities
  • Material: body-safe silicone 
  • Dimensions: 8.89 cm height
  • Waterproof: yes
  • Battery: USB-rechargeable

Vibrators are an easier (and faster) way to get off and ilya has many different models.  Shop the type of vibrator best suited for the type of sensations you’re looking for. You can choose from bullet, rabbit, suction, internal, g-spot, and more. Bullet vibrators for beginners while G-spot and rabbit vibrators for those looking for a more interesting session.

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Customer Reviews

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Klittrapatra here again
As the name suggests

This is my finisher. It's handy and quite discreet I get to bring it with me to work in case I need some me time. Compared to my other toys, this one is the staple in my bag. So give those 11 modes and 10 intensities a try. You'll be screaming in no time. 😏

My first and still the best ❤️

My journey of sex toys began with Ilya when I bought this very model. It’s still the best out of the lot. I eventually moved to owning dildos and rabbit combos, but this Clit sucker is definitely my fave of the lot. I love how discreet Ilya is as well. I’m glad anon revs can now be set up here so expect me to make more revs in the future.. With a little more savings, I’ll finally get the infamous we-vibe melt which I’ll also be getting from this store too. Thanks for being part of my first journey, Ilya!

Trusty first adult toy

Service is top notch. Order today, arrived tomorrow kind of delivery. Discreet packaging if you don’t want to reveal what’s inside.

Took my time to research my first adult toy and this was one of the most applauded toy there is. Definitely worth the raves!

The sensation was truly a mind blowing and a toe curling experience. You can get off in minutes and you’re good to go for the day (or night). Best place to do it so far? In the bathroom.

Worth the price!

Satisfyer Pro 2

Highly recommend this for a first toy and probably will end up being your go-to. It has a ton of different settings that you will enjoy experimenting with.

No need to worry about privacy as EVERYTHING has been well thought up and planned.

Oh and did i forget to mention I got it the next day? Amazing :)

That escalated quickly...

This sex toy is my first, a gift to me after turning 40. It was a leap of faith since I bought it based on the description above and a few (positive) online reviews. I thought of buying its smaller sibling, the Pro Traveler, but since I am on the voluptuous side, I thought the handle would be more convenient. And I am happy to report the gamble paid off! Once the Pro 2 was in position, it did not take long before I came. Hard. Around level 4 and 5 of the "suction" feature to be exact. So friends, do yourselves a favor and invest in the Pro 2 (and water-based lube).

Kudos also to the Ilya Team! I didn't expect the package to arrive a day after I made the purchase online. Thanks also for the chocolates and the (not a butt) plug that came with it. While I am still shy went it comes to sex and sexuality, Ilya's shame-free advocacy gave me the courage to get my toy finally. You guys are doing God's work ;) Keep it up and spread the good vibes *wink wink*

keep 'em coming!