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Pjur Original Rainbow Edition

Love is Love. Being free to love who you want and how you want. That's what pjur wants to make a statement for: That love is diverse and colourful. That people can discover their sexuality and live it out freely. With the limited pjur ORIGINAL Rainbow Edition we focus on universal values. Love, tolerance and diversity are the focus, because we want to show that a fulfilled sex life looks different for everyone. The cult product pjur ORIGINAL is independent of age, gender, appearance, relationship status and preferences. An ideal companion for a carefree sex life.

The Pjur Original works great as a lubricant. You want long-lasting? This silicone baby delivers that in an extremely well manner in that the silicone molecules stay on the skin as opposed to being absorbed.

Great for long lasting vaginal or anal sex but do be careful when it comes silicone sex toys (metal, glass, and other materials work tough) as they aren't exactly compatible with silicone lubricants. You know what's great with this though? Massages! Yes, the Pjur Original is not only an awesome lubricant, it's lovely for those sensuous massages as well.

  • Brand: Pjur
  • silicone based
  • preservatives free
  • 100 ml
  • dermatologically tested

We’re proud of you for trying something new for yourself but before checking out, get a lubricant to achieve that macaroni in a pot kind of wetness. Try experimenting with flavored lube when doing oral and make your snack taste like a snack too. Lube up with your friends from PjurLovenseSliquid, and stay safe during vaginal and anal sex. Even vibrators and sex toys need lube too! Make sure to check which type of lube best suits the material of your toy.

keep 'em coming!